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Wednesday, September 27, 2023


We are back for one last time in September of 2023 my CRAZIES!!!  The days pass quicker it seems, but that only means the holidays will be here sooner, for better or worse.  I for one am excited to up my Halloween game as there's a lot going on around Southern California to put me in a spooky mood!  Not to mention my own spooky yard display, but enough about that, it's time for some art!  And you might wanna get some butter and lemon for this post!  Enjoy...

Oh my.  He doesn't seem like a very happy camper!  Guess if my final destination was a steaming pot of boiling water, I'd have my guard up too!  We're closing out this month with an entry from Pinch Punch Post, another fun Twitter collective I take part in.  The theme this go around was a crab, and I decided to be extra crabby with this one!  It's always the meanest crabs that are the tastiest too!

Well, that's wrap on September, but fear not!  PLENTY of spooky fun is in store for next month, so be sure to come back next week and help us kick October off on the right foot!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


Another week in CRAZIES!!!  We are creeping closer and closer to the month of creepy crawlies here as September will soon give way to the noble pumpkin!  'Course, if you've been to a craft, hobby or box store lately, it's been Halloween since July...  Christmas too!  I love the holidays as much as the next guy, but I'm all about moderation too.  When the time is right, I'll celebrate.  But dammit, when it's still surfing weather and I'm seeing Christmas displays already, a line's gotta be drawn somewhere!  But enough of that hoopla!  It's art time!  As Arsenio used to say, let's get busy!  Enjoy...

The Loris...  What may well be the most adorable creature ever, this cross between a monkey, cat and guinea pig deserves to be cradled and protected at all costs!  Just look at that face.  How can you NOT want to fight for its safety?  Our last Animal Alphabets entry for the month, this was their selection for the Letter L.  Needless to say, there was a LOT of adorable art posted on Twitter that day!  The "Please don't kill me" line was a nod to the legendary "Dr. X Telethon" skit from Mr. Show With Bob & David!  To this day it's still one of the funniest things I've ever seen!

Well, only one more post to go this month, but I'm sure what's left is something you'll wanna get your claws on, so be sure to come back next time and check it out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


We are back CRAZIES!!!  And already approaching the halfway point of September!  Some of you are probably already sporting sweaters at this point, but not me!  If history's any kind of an indicator, it's probably still hotter than Hell in San Diego right now.  Then again, we just had our first hurricane warning last month, so what the hell does history truly know?  (Author's Note: These posts are written well in advance of their actual posting dates.  It could very well be freezing in San Diego right now, so who knows?).  Anyway, enough of the jibber jabber as Mr. T used to say.  Some of you actually want to see some art, and I intend to deliver!  Enjoy...

Hoo boy, a tweaked out rhino?!?  Guess we should be thankful that Javan Rhinos are the smallest of the living rhino species.  They are also one of the last two wooly rhino species left in the world today, along with the larger (But still smaller compared to their African cousins) Red Sumatran Rhino.  Still, any creature of substantial size hawked up on caffeine can be pretty dangerous if you get in their way!  Another one for Animal Alphabets, this time for the Letter J!  Rhinos are among my favorite creatures, so I was eager to illustrate this one!  Hopefully recent advances in breeding sciences will help these marvelous creatures continue on into the coming centuries and fuel even more imaginations the way they have fueled mine.

Another week down with two more to go in our September 2023 marathon here!  Be sure to come back next week as we spotlight another marvelous critter!  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, September 6, 2023


Welcome to September CRAZIES!!!  The season of pumpkin spice has officially begun!  Though I myself am not a big fan of coffee, I've got nothing but love for delicious hot chocolate and 'tis the season to drink it!  That and Jersey Mike's hot subs, but enough of that silliness, it's time for some art!  We got a swell stable of critters lined up this month, so let's open up the petting zoo and get started!  Enjoy...

Indian elephants...  Large, gentle, graceful...  And full of more gas than a congressman!  This was a part of Animal Alphabets' weekly drawing themes on Twitter (I don't care what the mealy-mouthed crotch pheasant calls it, it's still Twitter to me out of shear spite!), specifically the letter I.  It's low brow for sure, but dammit, elephants are vegetarians!  There's no way a creature that large eating that much raw plant materials WOULDN'T be farting up a storm!  Just feel bad for the fish!

That's all she wrote for this week, but be sure to come back next week as we spice things ups with a beast that's REALLY energized!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 30, 2023



Well, we've come to the end of another month and with the coming month brings another tradition, Guest Month for Bubble Fox!  This has no actual impact on the the blog, but I'm just really proud of the art I did announcing Guest Month!  It's a mix of markers and colored pencils that I feel comes off just right!  As far as the movie I'm referencing, kudos to anyone who gets it!  Anyhoo, we still got one more piece to share before we can let August 2023 ride off into the sunset, so let's get to it!  Enjoy...

That's right folks.  Honey, the coveted nectar of the Gods, is actually just bee vomit!  Hey, there are literally grosser things out there that people willingly eat!  Just think of it like Slurm!  Anyway, this was another Animal Alphabets piece, where the theme for the letter H was a Honeybee.  Since one of the bees was a little busy, I had another one come in and do the talking!

And that's a wrap on August 2023!  I do hope you all enjoyed the return of the art!  I have plenty more to share next month, so be sure to come back and help get September up and running on the right track!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 23, 2023


Another week down, another week closer to the fall!  I must admit, it's hard not to get excited about the coming season.  Aside from the holidays, I just prefer cooler weather!  It's a lot easier to stay warm than cool off I tells ya!  But enough about that, it's still summer time and I got some art to show, though it may be tough to get to!  Oh well, enjoy... 

Poor Gorilla.  That banana is JUST out of reach!  'Course, now this begs the question of can gorillas even swim?  Like humans, they are primates, so in theory they should be able to.  But it's not exactly something they are known for.  Guess that's a question best left for Professor Google!  Once again, today's art came from Animal Alphabets where the theme for G was a Gorilla.  Apes are critters I don't draw often, and boy is it obvious why with this one, but I have gotten better with them.

Well, only one post left this month to hurl at you, but fear not!  I promise we'll end August on a high note, though it may not be a high brow one!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 16, 2023


We are back at it again and halfway through August now!  I know time flies, but lately it seems to be going even faster than usual.  So how about we slow down for a bit and check out some new(ish) art featuring an old pal, sound good?  Enjoy...

Oh Bubble Fox, you are a rascal!  He certainly knows how to boogie down with the best of them!  Continuing along with another Animal Alphabets theme, this particular letter landed on F for which a fox was chosen.  And what better fox than Bubble Fox to represent foxes the world over?  I tell ya, correcting this was a herculean task.  Of all the colors on here, only the dark purple flower petals wouldn't cooperate with PS Elements' Magic Wand tool.  I had to go in and practically check each one pixel-by-pixel!  Still, the end result is fun.  Has me in the mood for a daiquiri even!

That's all she wrote for now, but we'll be back next week with more monkey business than you can shake a banana at!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 9, 2023


Welcome back to normalcy CRAZIES!!!  I know it's kinda sad that Comic Con is over, but there's still plenty of summer fun left to be had.  And if nothing else, you know the holidays aren't too far off now, so there's always something to look forward to!  But enough about that, it's time for some art!  After two months, I'm sure y'all are eager to see what old piece I've dug up this time!  Well, maybe a few of you are at least.  Either way, enjoy...


It can't be easy being an ant.  Despite being insanely strong for their size and strong in number, they are still very tiny and are considered a delicacy among many creatures, including echidnas!  Closely related to hedgehogs, echidnas are spiked critters that burrow, eat ants and are otherwise misrepresented in video games.  This piece was part of Animal Alphabets letter E theme and it was a fun one to draw.  I honestly don't know why I went with pink toenails on the front paws, but I'm sure it's because of the reference pic I researched!

Well, that's a wrap for this week, but come back next time and I promise some bubbly art will be waiting for you!  I suppose if there's any advantage to the posts returning to normal, it's that these ones are MUCH quicker to produce and read.  In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Welcome to August CRAZIES!!!  We are starting a new month by finishing up a CRAZY tradition here with the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown!  It's always a sad deal for me to write up the last Comic Con post of the year, but it's something that must be done.  After all, we gotta complete the circle!  So, for the last time in 2023, un-wedgie those Spiderman Underoos and cap up your Code Red Mountain Dews, because we are heading to COMIC CON 2023!!!  Enjoy...

COBRA COMMANDER WANTS YOU... To buy some stuff!  Seriously, he gave me a token for the Super7 Store WAAAAAAAY out on 8th and G St in Downtown San Diego, about six blocks up and three blocks across from the Convention Center!  I did get some exclusive swag though!

The Sandland booth!  I honestly never thought this one would make it to the US, especially after Dr. Slump oddly enough didn't catch on with American audiences.  Given the more action-oriented story, not to mention an incredible swag push at the booth, I see this one being popular!  Also, I built the LED wall for the booth!  Just about had a heart attack when I saw the signal fail Thursday morning since we tested EVERY single LED panel before placing it!  Modern tech, eh?

The Paramount+ Lodge!  Or, forbidden fruit as I called it.  If you weren't lucky enough to get reservations for this one, you were kinda assed out as the standby line was usually over three hours long and out in the blazing sun.  I did do their scavenger hunt thing though and got a really cool backpack, pin and tumbler!

BORK BORK BORK!!!  Swedish Chef was in the house and looking to cook!

The Petco Park Interactive Zone was back and somewhat close to its older, larger self!  Not exactly worth it for repeat visits, but what they did have was pretty cool, like these photo ops with life-size Transformers!

After an admittedly sweet prank last year, the Adult Swim Carnival was back and as hilarious as ever!  Despite a multitude of activations and events inside, the real highlight was still the large mechanical hot dog that continuously launched people off of it while bystanders pelted them with foam balls!

Funkoville was back and even bigger than last year, meaning an even smaller Artists' Alley.  However, attendees packed Artists' Alley like never before and quite a few of the artists reported record sales!  A big win for the underdogs!

Quite possibly the most coveted offsite at SDCC this year was the Hulu Animayhem Experience!  They had some awesome swag at the end and a few really cool photo ops, but that's all it really was: Photo ops.  I couldn't figure out why the hell it was taking so long to get through it?  My nephew Lucas and I spent three hours waiting to get into this thing and for what?  Pictures with inflatables and cardboard cutouts?  Always weigh the risks and rewards when it comes to Comic Con offsites.  

On the plus side, being in the Hulu line DID lead to some great random cosplay pics, like Sideshow Bob and his OTHER arch nemesis: RAKES!!!

Tintin had little trouble finding adventures in the Exhibit Hall!

FLUFFY WAS IN THE HOUSE!!!  Despite the SAG strike, celebrities COULD appear at SDCC.  They just couldn't promote any current projects.  Luckily, Gabriel Iglesias was just promoting toys!

"A lot of people say 'What's that?'"
"IT'S PAT!!!"
Probably couldn't do this skit today, but Pat was legitimately one of SNL's funniest routines.  The strip poker sketch in particular was hysterical!

ZARDOZ SPEAKS TO YOU!!!  Gonna go ahead and say it, this is probably the most obscure movie Cosplay I've ever seen!  Somewhere in Heaven, I'm sure Sean Connery is smiling.

Every year the pedicabs of Downtown get a sponsor and this year didn't disappoint as Disney of all companies put out themed "Doom" buggies for the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie!  Some riders (Like my nephew Lucas and me) were even lucky enough to pick up a hitchhiking ghost as they rode through the Gaslamp Quarter!  For those in the know, this was quite a surprise as Disney and SDCC have had a very longstanding feud with each other.  Glad to see that relations seem to be repairing.

Master Lopan was looking for a woman with eyes of green!

FX was back with their awesome activation over at the Hilton Lawn!  With no reservations required and lines that hardly ever went longer than 30 minutes, this was a very well-run show!  And the Shogun performances were amazing!

Can't have SDCC without Snoopy, and the Peanuts Museum across the street from the Convention Center delivered!  Camp Snoopy was the theme this year and the small space had plenty of fun photo ops for all to enjoy, not to mention a watering station!

I've seen plenty of Addams Family Cosplays over the years, but this was the first time any of them ever included Debbie and I loved it!  They had lost track of their Uncle Fester, but I just chalked it up to Debbie finally being successful!

D'OH!!!  Stupid Sexy Flanders!  Gotta ruin my last pic of the post by photobombing Ace Ventura!

And that was Comic Con 2023!  Going into it, many folks were worried about the impact that the WGA and SAG strikes would have on the show, and indeed, MANY panels were cancelled as actors and writers couldn't promote any current or future projects as a result.  But you know what?  You wouldn't have known that walking out on the exhibit hall floor as it was more crowded than ever!  People were giving comics and art an actual look this time with many in Artists' Alley either reporting record sales or higher than average sales.  So in that regard, I'll call it a win.  On the other hand though, the lack of aisle carpeting took a heavy toll on many attendees and security was at its absolute worst, and I've been going to SDCC for over 20 years now, so imagine the territory THAT covers!  Still, the good far outweighed the bad this year as exclusives were more readily available and attendees even seemed friendlier.  There's a lot to build on here and I feel we are in a good spot for next year!

And that's a wrap on the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown 2023!  I do hope you all enjoyed the look back at Cons past!  It's always a thrill to go back through these pics and reminisce about the good old days!  With any luck, we'll be back next year around February or March to start counting down the return to WonderCon!  Sadly, no Long Beach Comic Con this year.  I'm just getting back to work after a long layoff from a knee injury and had an unexpected car expense last month that just makes it too tough to swing it this year.  Not to mention, that show's just gone downhill since the move to Labor Day Weekend.  Maybe next year, things will work out better for all.  Be sure to come back next week as the CRAZY art returns!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023



*Sighs* Well, another Comic Con has come to pass.  These after posts are never easy write up, largely because, you know...  I'm bummed!  I'm mean, SDCC 23 hasn't even actually happened yet as I type this, but it makes me sad just knowing in advance that the fun won't last forever!  But, because I don't have any pics from this year's con yet, and I gotta fill space, here's a look back at least year's show.  Enjoy...

My favorite part about last year?  My nephew/ride bud Lucas got to join me!  My cousin got a job in the Czech Republic for two years and had to move the family over.  I'm Lucas' favorite uncle, so we had to make up for a lot of missed time while he was gone!  Hopefully we had just as much fun at this year's show!

Uh oh!  Elvis Trooper!  OLD Elvis Trooper even!

Mecha Cookie stands tall!

Not gonna lie, I really REALLY wanted to do the House Of The Dragon offsite, but I just couldn't justify getting in line at 4am and then waiting for 8hrs to get in!  And for what?  A pin?  Some photo ops? Why the hell can't these things just be walk thru?  The Dungeons & Dragons bar figured it out.  FX figured their line out.  Why couldn't these guys?  Not everything needs an app and VR additions!  Also, I just bought the pins on eBay!

A nice little setup on the MLK Promenade was a museum celebrating Franklin!  It was the anniversary of his introduction into Peanuts, so last year we all honored the only character in the entirety of the strip to be consistently nice to Charlie Brown!

The Krapopolis offsite!  It wasn't anything too special, but the slide was fun.  This show, by the way, has still yet to premier, and it's been nearly a year since they promoted it.

The whole Disney Duck family came to party!  Well, not all of them, but the important ones came!  Also, very creative use of the mandatory masks!


Since 2018, the most consistent, and really most accessible, offsite has been the Dragonball Experience!  The setup and swag has by and large always been the same, and yet it still manages to get better every year!

The FX Experience did things a little different this time around.  Instead of a large offsite with a bunch of individual activations, it was just one large maze that you walked through and hit each activation as you passed by!  It was pretty cool actually and the line moved surprisingly quick.  I was rewarded with a bottle of hot sauce for my efforts!

After nearly a decade at the Marriott, the Nintendo Lounge made its way to the Petco Park Interactive Zone.  Sadly, their line mismanagement continued.

The one thing that really does soften the blow of SDCC ending is Shark Week!  And what better way of reminding folks than with a Shark Blimp?

Nintendo had a pretty kickass Lego sculpture of Bowser set up at their booth in Hall A!  It even moved!

And finally, we will end this week's post with something that has been sorely lacking on this blog for many years: MORE COWBELL!!!

And that was Comic Con 2022!  A very subdued show as the world made its way back from the pandemic.  It may well have been the most polite SDCC I've ever attended!  Much was scaled back though.  Offsites were fewer and smaller and a lot of booths and panels didn't return.  Many folks were still on edge and rightfully so.  Still, it felt great to be back and hopefully this year's show will feel more like the cons of the past!

And that's a wrap on the month of July, but don't be sad!  We're kicking August off on a high note with the finale off the CRAZY Comic Con Countdown with the anticipated look at SDCC 2023!  So be sure to come back and see how it all went down!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

Monday, July 17, 2023



WE DID IT!!!  WE MADE IT TO COMIC CON 2023!!!  Oh my I gotta get ready!  There's so little to do and so much time!  Wait a minute...  That's totally opposite!  Let's just all calm down and agree that some pretty awesome things are happening this week!  The CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN is peaking!  To tie y'all over until Wednesday, we're heading back to 2019 for a trip down Memory Lane!  So hold on to your Spider-man Underoos and Code Red Mountain Dews, because its time to head to the con!  Enjoy...

*Note: Any paragraph that starts with TIP means a helpful tip or trick coming your way!

Amazon certainly didn't disappoint that year.  With a massive offsite that took three weeks to build, they really went all out and impressed the hell out of everybody!  And haven't done an offsite since.

TIP: As of this writing, no word yet on whether or not Amazon will be back with an offsite.  With the current writers strike, there could be a lot of scaling back this year as well.

Macho Madness was coming at us!

My nephew Dante and I tried our darnedest to get our surfboard back, but Sharkzilla just wasn't having any of it!

The Hamburglar's daughter carries on the family legacy!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Seinfeld, KCOP, a TV station in Los Angeles that nobody in San Diego has had access to since 1999, set up a display with some props honoring the show's most memorable moments in Tin Fish Square!

TIP: Though the Tin Fish no longer exists, Tin Fish Square still remains and several of the restaurant's more popular menu items, including the legendary clam chowder, were retained by the new tenants, Baja Rick's!  It is also still expected to host some offsites this year, though nothing as of this writing has been announced.  And if you just HAVE to have some Tin Fish food, head south about 10min to the Imperial Beach Pier where the original Tin Fish still stands strong!

It's the Juggernaut bitch!

TIP: The Gaslamp Quarter just across the trolley tracks from the Convention Center is not only a great place to eat, it's also an awesome spot to find cosplayers for photo ops!  Not to mention some hidden offsites and parties!

Another look at the Amazon offsite which featured a really cool Carnival Row activation!  Very immersive and lots of detail in the sets and props!

TIP: The best days to do offsites are on Thursday and Friday of the con.  Although there are still thousands of folks walking around, many people are still at work or even school until late afternoon.  There's still a wait, but certainly not as long!

After years of trying, I finally got into the Adult Swim Carnival!  It was totally worth the wait and everything I'd hoped it would be!  The highlight was the Adult Swim Cosplay Contest where these Meeseeks were met with chants of "Camel Toe" the whole night!

TIP: As of this writing, no word yet on whether the Adult Swim Carnival will return.  Last year's prank gives us at least some hope they may return.

Dave's not here man!

It's really hard to put into words just how immense SDCC really is!

TIP: A good spot to get shots like these is on the Mezzanine Level between Halls B and C along the bay side of the Convention Center.  It's also a where all the fan tables are located and a great place to find some cosplayers for photo ops!

Hawk People on the Trolley!

TIP: With almost NO parking during the show and several of the closest streets closed off completely, take advantage of San Diego's public transit system!  The Trolley's affordable, offers multi-day passes and drops off in several spots near the Convention Center.  The Blue Line goes to 12th and Imperial near the Petco Park Interactive Zone while the Orange and Green Lines drop off at 1st Ave, right across from Hall A and the Marriott, and again at 5th Ave, directly across from Halls D and E!

A sure sign Comic Con is coming is the incredible wrap-arounds that go on the Trolleys!  This one features The Dark Crystal prequel series, a show that deserved much better than it got.

If this In-N-Out Burger cosplayer could've found a way to make this work, he could've retired after the weekend!

The much missed SyFy Street Team.  They didn't come back last year and it ain't looking too promising for this year.  But there's always hope!

2019 was the year of the Macho Man folks!

If you don't know who these two are, then your ass needs to get cultured!

It just isn't Comic Con without a massive wrap on the Hilton Bayfront.

An Ewok Carebear!  If Disney ever buys out American Greetings, this is so happening for real!

Even the greatest of enemies can get along at Comic Con!

Finally, getting a badge for SDCC can feel like finding a Golden Ticket.  Going to the con oddly enough is probably pretty comparable to visiting Wonka's factory too!

And that was Comic Con 2019!  Without question one of the best I ever attended!  I didn't want it to end I was having such a great time!  Didn't even care that I caught pneumonia from somebody while I was there!  From start to finish it was an amazing experience and one of those rare occasions where everything just plain worked!  Hopefully this year's show will rank up there too.

For those going, here are some final, common sense tips for a more enjoyable experience:

TIP: Wear comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes!  Last year we really lucked out on the weather, but San Diego is a tourist haven for a reason: It gets hot!  So wear clothes that are lighter colored and not heavy.  Sandals and flip flops are a terrible idea and unless you want bloody toes, don't wear them!

TIP: Bring water bottles and refill them as needed!  Traditionally, the San Diego Convention Center used to simply provide water coolers for all to enjoy but now charge for them per show.  SDCC took some heavy hits financially during the pandemic, so some things they aren't paying for anymore, like carpet in the exhibit hall and POTENTIALLY water coolers in the rooms, so prepare accordingly.  Most of the hotels still have water coolers strewn about, so take advantage at those spots if you can.

TIP: There are many incredible restaurants near the Convention Center, but they will fill up fast, so earlier the better in some cases.  However, if you don't mind the walk, some great dining spots can be found towards and past Market Street with minimal crowds.

TIP: If cosplaying, take weather, sitting down and eventual bathroom breaks into account. Can't begin to tell you how many cosplayers I've encountered in restrooms that were set to burst because they couldn't reach the zipper!  Make sure your costume is easy to get out of if need be and maybe have a pal tag along in case you can't get out of it!

TIP: Cell phone reception is spotty at best during SDCC, even with the best service provider, so try and be sparing with phone use.  Also, plenty of booths offer free WiFi, but it comes at a risk, so choose wisely.

TIP: San Diego Convention Center concessions ARE cashless now, so bring a credit or debit card.  HOWEVER, almost all the booths still take cash and most prefer it as the Convention Center WiFi is spotty as all get out.

TIP: Sunblock is an absolute must!  Although it's entirely possible to spend the whole con indoors, it's not very likely, so be sure to block up!

TIP: Keep an eye on your surroundings.  San Diego does a good job of keeping things safe during the con but, sadly, accidents happen.  And in some cases, attendees can be their own worst enemy (See the 2013 Twilight Panel tragedy).  Point is, no panel or exclusive is worth dying for, so just be careful.

TIP: Stock up on vitamins and other immunity boosters! And, more  importantly, bathe every night!  Nothing worse than being stuck behind somebody that smells like they haven't washed in a year because they just can't miss that Hall H panel!  Believe me, taking an hour every night to clean up won't kill you!

TIP: Lastly, be kind.  It's hot, it's crowded, sometimes it smells... It's easy for tempers to flare up.  If somebody's being unpleasant, just ignore them.  And if they're really being that bad, just tell security.  Believe me, the rent-a-cops they bring in are itching for action!

Well folks, that's all for now, but more Comic Con fun is coming next week as we recover from the current one, so be sure to come back and check it out!  If you're going to SDCC and spot me, be sure to say hi!  I'll try to check in on Twitter as much as possible, but it'll be tough as reception is rarely good with so many people inside!  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!