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Wednesday, November 1, 2023


Welcome to November CRAZIES!!!  Hard to believe a few hours ago we were all reveling in the Halloween spirit.  But now, the time has come to honor a tried and true main course: TURKEY!!!  That's right CRAZIES, my favorite holiday of the year is back!  THANKSGIVING, or Turkey Day if you're Mystie like me!  Boy oh boy and I can already feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it all!  But, we still got a few weeks to go before the big day comes, so we'll just have to be patient and tie ourselves over with some art!

That wily old trotter, Tom Turkey, is back!  He's been doing a solid job of avoiding the Brat Twins' dinner table for four years now.  Does he have the gumption to make it five?  Scroll down and see how it all starts!  Enjoy...

Billy and Dorothy Brat are back and more full of hot air than usual... Quite literally!  Farting is a funny if not gross habit, but collecting their farts?  That's a whole new level of disgusting!  What on Earth could these vile tykes be planning this time?  You'll have to come back next week and see!

Well, we are now fully into the Holiday Season, which seems to start earlier every year, but it's a good feeling that leads to some good times, so be sure to come back next week and see what those dastardly Brat Twins do next!  Speaking of good things, many food, clothing and toy banks are now opening up as the holidays approach.  As I do every year, I urge you, the CRAZY faithful, to donate this season.  Every little bit helps and it really doesn't take much to make the holidays happen for those in need.  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!  

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