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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


And so we've come to it at last.  The end of 2015.  This year was not a particularly good one for me personally.  Many things happened along the way that I'd just as soon forget ever happened.  Of course, it's not without some successes, few as they may be.  I finally did well at WonderCon, launched a new comic and made many new friends.  It's the positives I'll be focussing on when I look back at this year and hope to build on that while making 2016 the best year I possibly can.  Anyway, that's enough rambling.  Christmas is over, New Year's is on the way and you all wanna see which art I'll be closing out the year with, so here it is!  Enjoy…

This is why you don't tap the glass kids.  Snakes really don't like that!  This theme was another Daily Doodle piece although the exact theme again escapes me.  You may be wondering why I do more Daily Doodle entries than Sketch Dailies.  I honestly don't prefer one over the other.  They are both great and I enjoy taking part in as many as I can.  SD does tend to attract a more mature audience as opposed to DD which typically holds on to a more all-ages approach, which suits me better.  With that being said, both have resulted in many incredible pieces of art being created and it's worth getting a Twitter account just to see what Sketch Dailies and Daily Doodle will come up with next!

And that does it for 2015.  I know I said the past year wasn't too good for me personally, but creatively speaking, I loved doing all these color pieces for the CRAZY fans!  I know Mike And Mindy ending was a bit of a blow, to me anyway, but I'm really happy with the direction my other comics are going in and these blog cartoons have been a blast!  I can't wait to polish up even more of them in the coming year!  Anyway, have a fun, safe and Happy 2016!  Take care, and I'll see y'all next year!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


IT'S HERE!!!  CHRISTMAS DAY IS HERE!!!  Well, in two days anyway.  But still, what an exciting time, eh?  Santa's gearing up for the big trip, but first he wants to freshen up.  And punish a not-so-considerate elf.  Enjoy...

*Shudder* Gee Santa, couldn't you have just given him a lump of coal instead?  Guess it's still better then letting Krampus get a hold of him!  This was another Daily Doodle theme, although I again can't remember what it was exactly.  It obviously involved elves though, and I think this may be one of my funniest!

Well, the big day is here!  I wanna wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope that your day is safe, fun and spent with those you care about the most.  And there's still some time to help out one less fortunate than yourself, so do so while you can!  Anyway, take care, again Merry Christmas and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Good Heavens!  Are we really just a little over a week away from Christmas?  My oh my how time flies!  Hopefully y'all have been having fun and handling all holiday-related stress like champs!  The past me that's writing this is relatively calm right now, but the current me that will be dealing with stuff the day this actually posts is likely a nervous wreck already!  Guess we'll see how things go!  Anyway, I've rambled on long enough.  It's time for some art!  Enjoy…

After becoming Santa's top reindeer, Rudolph let the success go to his head and became a big jerk!  Man, Frosty's been getting his butt kicked in my toons this month!  Good thing he's made of snow and can be rebuilt easily.  This was another Daily Doodle entry made up of several themes.  Can't remember why I was busy, but I wound up combining the themes of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Robin Red Breast, Frosty the Snowman and Jack Frost all in one single panel!  Although they're a pain to draw, I love drawing crowd scenes.  There's just something funny about them.

Another week down!  We'll be back next time with a double dose of CRAZY Christmas fun!  Until then, take care, help others who need it by donating food, clothes or toys and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


OK, so Santa's actually out cold in this instance, but the same principle applies!  Anyway, hope everybody's having fun now that Hanukah has kicked off and Christmas draws near!  I swear all the best food holidays lie between Halloween and New Year's Day.  Is it any wonder we all make dieting a resolution come January 2nd!  With that said, it's now time to "Bounce" some art your way!  Enjoy…

Man, for a big dude, Santa's a lightweight!  You'd think he could hold his nog better?  Then again, his one night of work is pretty long.  If anyone has earned the right to have a few and then nap, it's jolly St. Nick!  Maybe next time though, he'll pass out in his room first.  Elves are quite mischievous after all!  This theme came from the Daily Doodle.  I can't exactly remember what the theme was, other than it involved Santa and his elves, and this was what I came up with!

And so ends another week of holiday fun.  We'll back this time next Wednesday with some new art that will break down the walls of comedy!  Until then, take care, donate to those in need this holiday and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


OK, now that it IS December, I can officially get into the holiday spirit!  I'm still trying to recover from last week's turkey coma, but progress is being made, and not a moment too soon either!  After all, I gotta start seeing the sounds and sights of the season!  With that in mind, enjoy today's art, a look at Santa's muscle, Krampus!  Enjoy...

For those of you not in the know, Krampus is a creature from (I believe) German folklore, hence the accent.  His purpose is to beat the wickedness out of the kids on Santa's Naughty List while at the same time not understanding that the word "Whacking" is a bit of a double entendre out here!  I think if parents used this guy as a threat instead of a lump of coal, you might see more better behave children throughout the year!  This theme came from Sketch Dailies and the design is actually based off of my good pal Rich Clabaugh's interpretation of Krampus from his wonderful comic The Graveyard Gang.  I should note Rich actually gave Krampus a hoof in his comics.  The hoof was in my pencils, but I messed up in inks and gave him another foot instead!  Oh well.  Please forgive me Rich!

Anyway, it's time to end what I hope is a good start to the Holiday Season for all.  As I have done in past years, I urge all of you to please donate toys and food to those less fortunate this year.  Having come from a rough childhood, I can honestly say that every little bit does help.  Even something as simple as dropping a dollar in a Salvation Army Bucket makes a difference, so get in the spirit and give today!  And with that, take care and I'll catch y'all later!