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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


OK, now that it IS December, I can officially get into the holiday spirit!  I'm still trying to recover from last week's turkey coma, but progress is being made, and not a moment too soon either!  After all, I gotta start seeing the sounds and sights of the season!  With that in mind, enjoy today's art, a look at Santa's muscle, Krampus!  Enjoy...

For those of you not in the know, Krampus is a creature from (I believe) German folklore, hence the accent.  His purpose is to beat the wickedness out of the kids on Santa's Naughty List while at the same time not understanding that the word "Whacking" is a bit of a double entendre out here!  I think if parents used this guy as a threat instead of a lump of coal, you might see more better behave children throughout the year!  This theme came from Sketch Dailies and the design is actually based off of my good pal Rich Clabaugh's interpretation of Krampus from his wonderful comic The Graveyard Gang.  I should note Rich actually gave Krampus a hoof in his comics.  The hoof was in my pencils, but I messed up in inks and gave him another foot instead!  Oh well.  Please forgive me Rich!

Anyway, it's time to end what I hope is a good start to the Holiday Season for all.  As I have done in past years, I urge all of you to please donate toys and food to those less fortunate this year.  Having come from a rough childhood, I can honestly say that every little bit does help.  Even something as simple as dropping a dollar in a Salvation Army Bucket makes a difference, so get in the spirit and give today!  And with that, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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