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Wednesday, December 31, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR MY CRAZIES!!!  And with this, the torch has been passed.  Mike And Mindy can head to the beach while Peppertown picks up the mantle of the CRAZYVERSE.  So what happens now, you ask?  Well, here's how it's gonna go:

This blog is staying put!  Although I do like Blogger, for comics, it's not as practical as I'd like.  However, it's perfect for regular art posts and am happy to say this will be the home of some of my many doodles and sketches I've been doing for the Daily Doodle and Sketch Dalies on Twitter.  Many of these are just pencil sketches that will FINALLY be inked and colored and for the masses to enjoy!  This blog will also be the exclusive home of the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT among other art jams and collabs!

Peppertown will be posting Fridays on ComicFury along with Bubble Fox retaining its Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  I've been very happy with the service on CF and see no need to switch gears.

If you follow me on Patreon, you will get early access to both Bubble Fox AND Peppertown as a reward for helping me pay my bills.  Of course, for a little bit more, you can get cool things like sketch cards and higher ticket prizes too!

And that's how it's gonna be.  Hopefully that'll work for everyone and the transitions will all be smooth.  And that's all for this week and this year!  I want to wish you all a happy and safe New Year's Eve and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!  Y'all have been amazing and the best is yet to come!  Take care, God bless and I'll catch y'all in 2015!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY CRAZIES!!!  Not much of a post today, but I had to give y'all a little present!  As you can see, Mike and Mindy have been enjoying their retirement so far, but that devious Bubble Fox had to go and show them up.  Bigger isn't all always better, but when it comes to stocking stuffers, that wily fox takes the fruit cake… And promptly chips a fang!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Kwanzaa and straight up Happy Holidays to all you amazing folks.  May your Christmas day be wonderful and safe and full of love!  Take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Welcome to Guest Week folks!  The final one ever here at the CRAZYVERSE!  And boy did I luck out this time!  Rich Clabaugh of the great Graveyard Gang comic did this awesome strip giving Mike and Mindy one last hurrah before heading to the beach for retirement!  Enjoy…

Uh oh Krampus, you better watch yourself!  Mike and Mindy aren't your everyday kids and can definitely hold their own!  They certainly are much better mannered in Rich's cartoon universe than mine!  So polite!

Rich Clabaugh is the brilliant mind and hand behind the awesome web comic series Graveyard Gang, an all ages romp about a group of kids always getting into trouble with the supernatural spooks of their hometown of Ghostport, Massachusetts.  With a name like that, how can that town NOT expect any kind of spectral activity?  Rich is also a very good friend and a longtime supporter of the CRAZYVERSE, just a genuinely good guy all around.  His comic is all ages for good reason: ANY one of ANY age can read and enjoy it.  Rich is quickly getting up their with artists like Jimmy Gownley and Stan Sakai as being tops in the field so if you haven't read it yet, click the links!  You'll love what you see!

Well, that's all for this week folks.  Thanks again to Rich Clabaugh for sending Mike And Mindy off on a high note!  Next week's a light post featuring a new Christmas Splash Page from the CRAZYVERSE faithful!  Until then, take care and remember to think of others this Christmas.  Donate now while there's still time!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


And now, we come to another ending, this time for Mushrooms.  But where one strip ends, a new one begins, and now we get to know are new pals a little bit better!  So lets get on our party gear and head on over to CRAZY HQ for the shindig to end all shindigs…

Yup.  Peppertown is gonna be a pretty wild toon!  Did y'all expect anything different from me?  Honestly now!  That cake was tasty.  Took forever to comb it out of Bubble's fur though.  And even the Dancing Asparagus popped in for a bit!  And yes, that IS Mike and Mindy yelling surprise with the others!  Yeah, I know it's a copout since they don't actually have individual voices, but now you can all say you've seen them talk!

I've always felt guilty about Mushrooms.  The truth is, this series was what I sent in to the syndicates and MAD Magazine, but alas was always rejected.  I had so many ideas for it though that I didn't just want to shelve it and I felt two monthly comics was better than one, so along came Mushrooms.  With few reoccurring characters and no real point, it always seemed to be left out of the CRAZY canon.  I think some of my best comics were Mushrooms toons and hope down the line fans will come to appreciate it.  Not that no one did.  Mushrooms had it's fans, but amid the see of wackiness with Mike And Mindy and Bubble Fox, it often got lost in the shuffle.  I'm proud of where this series went and glad I did it.  Taught me much and proved I could handle dialogue-heavy strips too.

Well folks, that's all for now.  Next week, Rich Clabaugh from the awesome Graveyard Gang comic works his magic for Guest Week!  So come on down and enjoy a new look for Mike And Mindy!  Until then, take care and remember to donate this Holiday Season.  Help your fellow man.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


We've come to it at last… The Christmas Rush!  Oh, and the final Mike And Mindy comic.  This is a day I've dreaded for a while, but know it had to come.  Plenty of thoughts are running through my head right now, but we'll get to that later.  For now, let's enjoy the grand finale...

Talk about a "Smashing" end!  I struggled for while with this.  Should it be a gag ending?  A happy ending?  Have the entire series just be a dream of a kid in the hospital?  I was about to give up when I remembered an old song from Eric Idle about life and its bright sides.  So yeah, Mike and Mindy have a happy ending by avoiding a gag.  When in doubt, search Monty Python out!

And so it ends.  I want to thank you all so much for the love and support I received these last five years.  I honestly never thought I'd get this far, but these goofy kids that came to me out desperation just wouldn't keep quiet.  To have gotten this far on a monthly schedule with characters that don't talk is certainly something and it is hard to walk away.  But the honest truth is I really have run out of ideas for them.  Having been a creator long enough now, I understand the "Quit while you're ahead" mentality much better.  It's never good to overstay your welcome, and I'd rather end Mike And Mindy now while they're still funny and fresh than just keep going with subpar stories and let them get stale.  I care about them too much.

Mike and Mindy will never truly be gone.  There are still several book projects and animated adventures in the works.  And they WILL get one more CRAZYVERSARY month in February so that they can float off into the sunset in style.

In the meantime, many hints have been dropped in recent months about the coming of a New CRAZY series.  And if you're a CRAZY Patron, you'd already know it, but for those that aren't, here's the title of the new comic!  Brace yourself for...

What is Peppertown you ask?  It's the wild tale of a lonely slacker named Joe who inadvertently adopts a wild little girl from outer space named Wendy!  Together, they form a bond and have many wild adventures!  Y'all have already had brief glimpses of Joe and Wendy, but the real fun begins in January!  So strap in and hold on to your bloomers when Peppertown arrives!

That's all for this week folks.  Next week, Mushrooms gets it's final farewell and offers even more of a glimpse into the new series.  You might even see an old pal or two, so be sure to stop on by.  And also, with the Holidays approaching, be sure to think of others this season.  It doesn't take much to help someone in need.  Make a difference and donate, be it food, money, clothes or toys.  Help others this Christmas.  Take care and I'll catch y'all later.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


WELCOME TO TURKEY DAY!!! Sadly, I can't offer you a marathon of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, but I can offer you great fans more bags of gas than congress!  The CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT has returned!  And this time around, the theme was "Turn Your Characters Into Demented Parade Balloons," and boy did my pals in the web comics realm deliver!  So sit back and enjoy the seventh installment of CARTOON CRAZINESS!!!

First up, Picpak Dog creator Kim Belding crosses the finish line first…  Again!  The Pink Pooch was already pudgy enough, but luckily his ears had room to spare! 

And here is my entry!  With Bubble being part of the CRAZY family now, he wanted in too, and immediately came to regret it!  And so marks the final time Mike and Mindy will ever be inflated.  A somber moment for sure! 

 The next entry comes from good pal Thomas Barnett of the always hilarious Li'l Miesters!  Even in balloon form, Bean the cat has it out for poor little Ned!  Or rather "Big" Ned this time around!

Next up is my brother from another mother -And Country!- Warren Frantz of Off Season!  Warren's been dealing with Helium a lot lately.  After all, it was him that took my Helium Challenge joke seriously and thus created a Twitter sensation!  And it appears one of Gully's handlers has been hitting the Helium hard himself! 

Tim Green makes his CCE return with his Puffed Parade of Pals from Vinnie The Vampire!  Can't help but feel bad for poor Vinnie here.  He's the only one in that bunch that DIDN'T deserve this!  And Belfry may very well be the first ever inflated cartoon bat!  And how did Bob the Bulldog escape this same fate?  As Tim explained it to me "Bob's nobody's balloon!"

Ben Starzec of Dogs, Ducks And Aliens makes his CCE debut with a more traditional approach to a parade balloon.  And trust me, these two totally ran rough shed over the Macy's Parade last year after doing the "Doomsday Device" on Clifford the Big Red Dog!

 Next up is Darrell Toland of Stix And Bones is also making his CCE this go around by pumping up his crows Mo and Jinx!  The two greatest magpies this side of Heckle and Jeckle!

 And now, making his long awaited return to the CCE, Jason Platt of Mister And Me!  Jason's whimsical style always amazes me, not mention makes me insanely jealous!  And if you look closely enough, you might even spot two familiar faces hovering above the crowd!

And now, we have another new recruit for the CCE, Rex Garnett, Sr. of Dutch 'N Pals!  Clearly this is a parade balloon that doesn't like sharing the spotlight with other windbags!

Another old pal, Jamie Cosley of Cody The Cavalier, makes his long awaited return to the CCE!  Jamie may be the best kids' cartoonist in the country today and it's always a pleasure to have him on board!  He also assured me the Cody Balloon is filled with the gas from 5,000 cans of Pepsi! 

Scott Warren of the awesome and nostalgic Crunchy Bunches is also back for another round of CRAZY CARTOON madness!  And not surprising, Munchy forgot to patch certain spots!  Must've been Grimace seeking revenge! 

EW Crowe of The Hat And The Fat is back and giving notice to the Snoopy Balloon: His parade-hogging days are over!  Mighty Mouse Balloon, you're next!

Up next, making his LOOOOONG awaited CCE debut, the amazing Mark Stokes of the groundbreaking web comic Zombie Boy!  After three years of begging, Mark finally joined the party and delivered Balloon Gorr!  No doubt the ZB cast is thankful REAL Gorr isn't that big! 

Next up is another CCE repeat offender, the great Matt Gross of CAAATS!  Today he brings Balloon Olive and Balloon Hazel, probably the most evil parade balloons ever!  Seriously, these look like the kind of balloons the Joker would've sprung on Gotham in the first Batman movie! 

Here's a great piece of art from another CCE newcomer, Bryce Prevatte of Drake The Cool Vampire!  Bryce deserves special recognition here.  He really helped me out greatly with an awesome gift recently that'll help me with future projects.  He's living proof that there's still good out there. 

Making his return to the CCE is the brilliant James Point Du Jour of many many comics, including Satchel And Duff as seen above.  His art is just amazing in every detail.  Even more amazing?  That it took THIS long to get to a fart joke in one the CCE's!   

Heading to the homestretch is Jim Haas of Nate The Robot!  Clearly female robots are programmed for evil!  Even more wild, how can a balloon be made of metal?!  Thank goodness for cartoon logic!

And finally, we close the CCE parade with another debut, this one from Joseph D. Rodriguez from Wacky Monkeys!  If you've never read this comic, you're really missing out!  It's a visual delight with SOOO much detail in the art and action.  Before you think that's just a really mean little girl up there, read the comic!  Those monkeys deserve worse!

Well, that's all for this one folks.  There WILL be another CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT!  When,  why, it'll be in April!  April, 29th to be precise!  The due date is April 22nd and the theme goes as follows:

Make a poster for a fake death metal band!

Ever notice how most metal bands got wild names?  Here's your chance to come up with your own!  It's single panel, so no need to kill yourself making it!  As always, keep it family-friendly and all-ages!  Hit me up on Twitter if interested and, of course, have fun drawing it!  Special mention goes to Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert & Fred for this one.  It was one of her "Clip Art Fail" posts that inspired it!

Well folks, that's all for November.  Be back next time as we say goodbye to comics' most colorful couple, Mike and Mindy!  Their final comic is sure to be a "Smash" hit that'll make y'all laugh until you cry!  And the new series' logo will FINALLY be released to the masses!  Until then, take care, have a happy and fun Thanksgiving, a safe and quick Black Friday and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


ONE WEEK TO TURKEY DAY!!!  Good thing I got all these comics to tie me over until then!  But we have a very special treat this week, as John Bintz of Dawn's Dictionary Drama has dropped in with a very "Shocking" appetizer!  Enjoy...

Wow!  Mike sure does "Light" up a room when given the chance!  This strip certainly was a "Jolt" to the senses!  A very "Electrifying" story if I do say so myself!

John Bintz is an amazing artist and pal!  His strip, Dawn's Dictionary Drama is wildly funny and even educational as it introduces new words every comic!  John's style is also a real eye-pleaser.  I love the way he draws eyes.  They're so darn expressive, almost like characters in their own right.  His stories are also hilariously crafted.  They're based in the real world, and yet still feature slapstick cartoon gags.  He also doesn't play down to the audience just because they are mostly kids.  He's a lot like Jimmy Gownley of Amelia Rules! fame, which is pretty darn good!  Thanks again John!  You really "Plugged" in the laughs here!

Well, that's all for today folks.  Next week, the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT returns with its seventh edition!  To celebrate, we're throwing the first ever CRAZY'S DAY BALLOON PARADE, just in time for Thanksgiving!  So be sure to "Float" on by for some "Well-Rounded" fun!  Until then, catch y'all later!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


WOO HOO!!!  TWO WEEKS TO TURKEY DAY!!!  And I now have enough Joel episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to host my own proper Turkey Day Marathon!  Should be a fun time!  But until then, enjoy this second to last offering of Mushrooms!

Puns, puns puns!  How I love my puns!  Annie Hall truly is a hilarious movie and just classic fodder for sights gags!  The Reservoir Dogs panel is a bit sentimental as the yellow dog is a tribute to a dog I had as a kid named Rocky.  He was a sweet, goofy dog who pretty much disproved that pitbulls are vicious dogs.  The Dances With Wolves panel is a really cheap pun, but dammit, even I'm allowed to ground out every once in a while.  Turner And Hooch is a movie I'm sure still haunts Tom Hanks to this day, but to get this joke, you must remember that Ted Turner once owned WCW.  The Hills Have Eyes… Another really cheap pun.  I apologize.  And lastly, Backdraft really is one of my all time favorite movies, hence the reason I'm honoring it with a fart joke!

Well folks, another week has come to a close.  We'll be back next time with a New Guest Comic from John Bintz!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all next time!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Welcome to November my CRAZIES!!!  It's close to TURKEY DAY!!!  Until then though, we'll need some comic appetizers to get us by until then!  It's the second to last Mike And Mindy folks.  So let's "Drop" in and enjoy...

Talk about "Falling" for a girl!  Looks like Mike took Mindy's breath away!  The kids decided to pay homage to Peanuts in this next last entry in the series.  Charlie Brown never could get the leg up on Lucy.  Luckily fro Mike, the wind was blowing in his favor!

Well folks, that's all for this week.  We'll be back next time with a very "Punny" new Mushrooms to chomp on. I hope to have some exciting news on the horizon in terms of a new direction for the CRAZYVERSE to head in.  How soon that info comes, I cannot say given how far in advance I have to post these.  But I promise a big announcement is coming soon, so stay "Tooned!"  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Howdy CRAZIES!  Not much of an update today, but it is Halloween week, and I just HAD to do this for the wonderful fans of the CRAZYVERSE!  Many have asked for Mike And Mindy and Bubble Fox crossover toons, and although Bubble HAS popped up a few times here and there, both tales have largely remained separate.  There's no real reason for it to be honest.  They both have their own continuities, their own cast, their own quirks.  Will there ever be a crossover storyline?  Someday perhaps.  But until then, enjoy this alternative crossover Halloween Splash!  A full moon has descended upon the CRAZYVERSE is wreaking havoc on ALL its residents!  (These friggin horns are killing me here!)

Mike and Mindy have caught the moon's beams and have been turned into... WEREFOXES!!!  Meanwhile, Bubble has become a WERE... MAN?!  Wow!  Even in human form his nose is gigantic!  And I guess Bubble's been shopping at Sunny's Boutique, managed by Tim Green.  Where else could he have gotten those Skellie Boxers from?  I gotta say, Mike and Mindy make fuzzy foxes, but are much better as humans!  Glad it only lasts for a night!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with the second to last Mike And Mindy comic ever!  These two are going out in style cog sarnnit!  Until then, take care, have a fun, happy and SAFE Halloween and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Welcome back!  I know I promised pics from Long Beach Comic Con today, but honestly, there really wasn't much to get pics of.  Not knocking it here.  It was a great show and I had a lot of fun, but it was very light cosplay-wise so I didn't have much to work with.  So instead, here's another preview of the New toon premiering in January!  Enjoy…

Meet Joe Oriole!  He's one of the stars of the upcoming comic series I'll be launching in January!  Joe is Wendy's adoptive cousin charged with taming the wildest kid alive!  A kindly but bored soul, Joe is simply going through the motions before suddenly being thrust into parenthood after rescuing Wendy.  He learns on the fly and ends up having a lot of wild adventures a long the way.

Many of you by now are no doubt saying "You've introduced some of the characters and announced a launch date, but when are we gonna get a title you dingbat?!"  Well the wait is almost up as this CRAZY "Dingbat" will be announcing the title AND logo next month, so stay "Tooned!"

I'd like to close out today by thanking all the great fans who came to say hi to me at Sand Diego Comic Fest this past weekend!  Was a blast to take part and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one of you!  It was my most successful con ever and I can't wait until next year's show!

Well, that's all for today.  Come back next time for a special Halloween greeting from Mike, Mindy and Bubble Fox!  In fact, you'll see them in a way you've never seen them before, so get ready for some "Hair-Raising" laughs!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


What's up y'all!  Guest week is back!  And this time, the amazing Josh Hughes of Atomic Terrier and Bot Bros has stopped by to give us his take on the terrible twosome, Mike and Mindy!  So let's jump on in with some Halloween mayhem…

Uh oh Monster, you better be careful with those two!  Mike and Mindy have driven nuns insane!  What neighborhood did they go to anyway?  Clearly not the house that gives out apples!

Josh Hughes is an amazing dude, running two series simultaneously, the aforementioned Atomic Terrier and Bot Bros.  Where he finds the time to do all these amazing strips is a great mystery to all of us who know him!  His comics are the epitome of what an all-ages comic should be: A strip that ANYONE can read and enjoy.  His toons are among my favorites on the web and I'm very honored to have Josh as part of the CRAZY Canon.  Thanks again Josh for taking such good care of my "Kids!"

Well folks, that's all for this week.  We'll be back next time with another sneak peek at the new series and some pics from my recent trip to Long Beach Comic Con!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Welcome back CRAZIES!  Halloween is on the horizon and as you well know, I am ALWAYS ready for some costumed fun!  So let's slip into our capes and cowls and boogie down at the Graveyard Smash...

Who knew some stiff drinks could loosen up a stiff like Frankenstein's Monster?  (Remember kids, Frankenstein's the doctor, NOT the monster!)  If only King Kong had found a jumbo bottle of scotch before his rampage.  Why is it these monsters and fairy tale creatures keep running into drunk frat boys in my comics?  Granted it's been about two years since I last did it, but still!  Guess it's not a bad thing to have multiple staples.  I'm already now known as the "Helium Cartoonist" and the "Bubble-Farting Fox Cartoonist."  What's one more?  "Whoa dude!  There goes the 'Frat Boys Keep Getting Monsters Drunk Cartoonist!'"  That actually has a nice ring to it!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a Guest Comic from Atomic Terrier and Bot Brothers creator Josh Hughes!  If it's anything like his comics, it should be an awesome good show!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


My God!  Is it October already?!  Can't believe it, but we're down to the final stretch of Mike And Mindy and Mushrooms.  Not really sure what's gonna happen come December when the end really happens.  Me being me, I'll likely get emotional.  What can I say?  Me and these goofs have been through a lot together!  But enough sad stuff.  Comics are supposed to be fun!  So let's do this...

Apparently Mike's never heard of a little thing called Karma, not to mention that old theory about letting sleeping dogs lie!  I get asked a lot how much of myself goes into Mike and Mindy as characters.  Honestly, not a whole lot.  In fact, they're a heck of a lot more adventurous then I ever was as a kid!  Not to mention, if tried half of the crap they've done, I'd likely be dead already and there'd BE no Mike or Mindy!  In this particular comic though, I would say Mindy shares a rather big trait with me: A love of animals and a hatred of bullies.  I can say for sure I'd do the same thing if I were in the same position and actually have come to think of it!  Always remember kids, what goes around comes around!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a "Spooktacular" Mushrooms that'll bring out the party animal in all of us!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Friday, September 26, 2014


What's this?  A surprise last second post for September?  You better believe it!  You see, few week's back as y'all may remember, I was challenged by my good friend Warren Frantz of the comic Off Season to the Ice Bucket Challenge.  As a joke, I threw it back at Warren on Twitter and challenged him to the "Helium Challenge!"  Well, imagine my shock when two weeks later, Warren not only took me seriously, but also delivered not one but TWO helium challenge strips, calling out fellow cartoonists Ryan Klassen and Kim Belding, who ALSO accepted and in turn challenged others!  So it would appear we got a "Thing" here, and since Warren and Ryan each did two challenges, I decided to hold my end and do another as well!  Enjoy...

Man that Bubble Fox sure gets around!  And those squirrels were so darn mean to that poor chipmunk. Bubble hates bullies and was happy to give those three chumps a "Well-Rounded" lesson in manners!  When it comes to teaching, Bubble always "Rises" to the occasion!

The guest stars of this comic include Ryan Klassen of the hilarious City Folk, the aforementioned Warren Frantz of Off Season and Ben Starzec of Dogs, Ducks And Aliens!  Ben, you're now on the clock, so have fun bud!  So far, the Helium Challenge is up to EIGHT comics in just a week, with more to coming soon!  What, you may ask, is the point of all this?  Nothing!  We're just a bunch of silly cartoonists trying to have fun and raise awareness of cartoon physics

Are you a cartoonist and wanna take part?  Great!  All you gotta do is draw a comic with a helium gag in it, tag it as #HeliumChallenge on your social media platform of choice, and be sure to challenge up to two other cartoonists in the last panel!  You don't have to be challenged to start and there's no time limit, so go nuts!  And, as always, KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!  Other than that, "Expand" your horizons and have a "Gas!"

Anyhoo, here are the links to ALL the Helium Challenge toons so far:

Note that these are not exactly in order and more are certain to come!  Sometime down the line, I'll likely do a mega post with ALL the Helium Challenges!  It'll be our "Biggest" (And roundest!) post yet!

Anyway, that's all for now.  We'll be back in a few days with a New Mike And Mindy to kick off October.  Until then, Take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Mere words aren't enough to describe the dreadful feeling I had the second I learned that Robin Williams had passed away.  What made this news even more devastating was that his death came by his own hand.  Robin Williams meant so much to so many.  His humor and imagination were infectious, inspiring anyone who saw one of his movies.  I remember seeing the films Hook and  Aladdin in theaters as a kid and loving every second of them.  I remember seeing Mrs. Doubtfire and laughing so hard I'd be in tears afterward.  I think what struck me most about Mr. Williams was his generosity.  The number of people he helped over the years can't be counted.  There were simply too many.  Everyone from sick children to comedy writers to young stand up comics just needing a pat on the back benefited from the kind heart this larger-than-life man possessed.

I've battled depression on and off for many years.  It's not something you simply shake off.  It can dig a deep pit that'll just eat at you no matter what.  It's hard to know what was going through his mind at the time, but I pray his soul has found some sort of peace.  And I urge any who read this to please seek help if you're depressed.  There's no shame in asking for help.  And although it may not always seem like it, people do care.  Your life matters.  YOU matter.

The piece above is for an auction that Team Cul De Sac founder Chris Sparks has set up to help raise money for Parkinson's Disease research, which Mr. Williams had recently been diagnosed.  I'm not sure when the auction will take place, but rest assured I will keep everyone posted through here and Twitter when the time comes.  Robin Williams made me laugh, he made me smile.  I wanted this piece to reflect that.  So thank you Mr. Williams for being such a funny person.  Thank you for being such a creative person.  But more than that, thank you for being such a good person.  Carpe diem good sir.


Well folks, that's all for now.  The silliness returns next week with a New Mike And Mindy comic that will hopefully bring some laughs and smiles your way too.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later.  And be kind to others.  Even the smallest kind gesture can make a difference. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It's guest week again!  This time, Joe Flanders of the hilarious Web Comic Ninja And Pirate has dropped by!  So let's dive on in and have some "Loud" party fun!

Did I say loud?  I meant controlled!  This may very well be the tamest house party ever!  Love that Gromit is among the revelers!  Kids at school used to think I was weird for knowing what Wallace And Gromit was.  Uncouth Americans!  (I'm one to talk.  I can't even make it through 15 minutes of Doctor Who! )

Joe Flanders is a funny guy.  Strike that.  He's a REALLY funny guy!  His comic, Ninja And Pirate is among the most insanely funny web comics you will find!  The story, as you may have guessed, is about a Ninja and a Pirate and the wacky situations they get into on a regular basis!  From reading gruesome fairy tales to toddlers to ladies learning to be comfortable farting in front of dudes, Joe's hilarious duo have covered a lot of ground!  Joe is also a hell of a nice guy and a very supportive friend!  You need a good laugh?  Then click on the links to Joe's site!  You'll be thankful you did!  Thanks again Joe.  You rock dude!

Well, that's all for this week folks.  We close September on a somber note next week as the CRAZYVERSE pays tribute to a man whose spirit I never thought could be silenced, Robin Williams.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


And we're back!  Mike and Mindy enjoyed their week long break, as well as seeing others get the brunt of the punishment for a change!  Those two were giggling an awful lot the other day, so I went to see what was up and opened the door.  Big mistake on my part!  Why?  Well, see for yourself...

Not only did they need new clothes after that, they also devastated South San Diego!  The smell lingered for days!  And no, those skull undies AREN'T available for purchase... Yet!  And remember kids, lighting your farts may be hilarious, but it can carry horrible consequences!  Proceed at your own risk!

Well folks, that's all for now.  Next week, we'll have a New Mike And Mindy Guest Comic by the great Joe Flanders of Ninja & Pirate!  If it's anything like his regular toons, it should an epically hilarious strip, so stay 'tooned!"  Until then, take it easy and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


September is here!  Normally, Mike And Mindy would be appearing this week, but thanks to a challenge by my good pal Warren Frantz, the creator of Off Season, I had to change things up a bit.  You see, for a better part of the last three weeks, people the World over are dumping ice water on themselves to help raise awareness and money for ALS research.  Sadly, a skin condition prevents me from dumping ice water on myself (I've gone into shock twice as a kid from jokers who put ice water in a Super Soaker.  Scary stuff.)  Luckily, cartoon me is perfectly healthy (Although with the weather being so bad right now, real me is tempted to risk it!), and raring to go!  So let's do this!

Why oh why did I let that stupid fox help out?  Well, at least we can make a few bucks extra renting Bubble out as an advertising blimp! It's interesting to note that California is in fact in the middle of a crippling drought, leading many towns here asking locals not to do ice bucket challenges due to water shortages.  Luckily, slime is quite plentiful 'round these parts and no, I didn't use slime because Warren's Canadian!  If that were the case, I would've said "I don't know" first!  Anyhoo, the guests in this strip are Gloria and Gayle Golz from the aforementioned Off Season.  After being challenged by his kids, Warren posted a video of himself taking the ice bath and then challenged me, which leads to this cartoon today!  ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease, is a terrible condition that destroys muscles and nerves.  I've lost a neighbor to it and a former coworker battles it right now even.  If you haven't already, checkout to donate and stop the disease in its tracks.  And please don't just dump water on yourself simply because you think it's a viral video fad.  ACTUALLY donate and help a great cause!

Well, that's all for now.  Mike And Mindy will return next week with their most explosive comic ever... LITERALLY!!!  Until then, take it easy, PLEASE help ALS research and donate at and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Is it really that time again?  You bet ya!  So let's not waste anymore precious seconds and dive right in!  It's the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT 6!!!  The theme was A Monster Cereal Box Cover, so lets see what my CRAZY Cartoon Pals came up with, shall we?  Enjoy...

Kim Belding, Picpak Dog

 CCE veteran Kim Belding is back and finally got in first with this absolutely terrifying cover featuring the scariest monster there is: SKRILLEX!  Side effect do include an unhealthy love of dubstep and techno music!

Me.  Um, yeah...

 Here's my entry into the CCE!  Finally managed to finish early for a change and work in one of my beloved monsters!  This piece also marks a first for me: This is the first ever piece I've ever completely inked digitally.  A rather odd feeling, but I'm pretty happy with the turnout.

David Hurley, Don't Pick The Flowers

David Hurley makes his CCE debut with this funny cover!  Suzanne's always concocting something, usually with frightening results!  This time, her experimenting has paid off!  Just hope that cloud don't eat ALL the flowers!

Tim Green, Vinnie The Vampire

 Tim Green comes back to the CCE with the monster to scare all monsters: SUNNY!!!  Trust me folks, she may look cute, but you don't ever wanna cross this little terror!  Especially if you are A Negative!

Warren Frantz, Off Season
 Canada's CRAZIEST cartoonist returns to the CCE with this wacky creature from the Canadian Great Lakes!  Many an outdoor hockey player has gone missing from swimming to close to the holes it has left in the ice!

Scott Warren, Crunchy Bunches

 Scott Warren makes his CCE debut with this rather spirited piece!  Given that his comic is all about cereal mascots, he seemed like a perfect fit for this experiment!  He's also one of the folks who helped inspire this theme: It was a Crunchy Bunches comic last year about aliens getting the Halloween Cereal Mascots to help them take over the Earth that fanned the spark of an idea into a raging fire!  Thanks again Scott!

 EW Crowe returns to the CCE with a piece that's destined to keep most of us awake tonight!  Never stare at a gorgon!  Bad things will happen!  Oh wait, it comes with a blindfold?  Cool!  In that case stare all you want!

Dawn Griffin, Zorphbert & Fred

 After a long hiatus, the great Dawn Griffin returns to the CCE!  She is the other artist who helped inspire this experiment when she did a Z&F cereal box cover theme for a fan art contest (Which I won!)  When I saw this in my inbox, I flipped my lid it was so awesome!  Then on Twitter, Dawn informed me that through wild coincidence, another artist did a shirt with a similar theme!  The whole point behind the CCE is to see how different/similar artists think.  Having seen this and the shirt, I feel it's merely proof that not only do great minds think alike, but so do creative minds too.

Stephen Conroy, Australia

And finally, another newcomer to the CCE, Twitter pal Stephen Conroy, whose Monster has taken on a life of his own, defending other cereal monsters from harm!  Stephen's a pretty cool dude and hopefully will have a site of his own soon so ALL can check out his awesome artwork!

And so ends another CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT!  What's that?  You demand another theme already?  OK, fine!  Here it is:

Draw your (Or your favorite) web comic character(s) as demented parade balloons!

That's right folks!  Why should the mainstream have all the fun every Thanksgiving?  So grab some helium and give your toons the Macy's Day treatment!  The deadline is NOVEMBER 19TH, 2014, so PLENTY of time to do this!  Huge thanks to Tim Green from Vinnie The Vampire for coming up with this Experiment's theme!  And, as always, KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY!!!  This is an all-ages site so NOTHING graphic or adult in nature!  Other than that, have fun!

That's all for now folks.  Next week, something a little different as Mushrooms gets the top billing this month thanks to a special challenge from my good pal Warren Frantz.  So until then, take it easy and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's Guest Week!  And today week got a hard-hitting strip from Rich Lauzon, the master behind the hilarious Space Pest Removal!  So sit back, relax and DUCK!!!  This one comes at ya rather fast...

Talk about taking one for the team!  Mike sure knows how to take a punch, er, shot!  I hope Mindy gave Mike a kiss later for his troubles!  Whatever works I suppose.  Carnies are a hard bunch to guilt, but M&M have pulled off the impossible yet again!

Rich Lauzon is an amazing artist from Canada who does the outrageous Space Pest Removal, the tale of two alien exterminators (Who cameo as plush toys in the strip) that travel the galaxy capturing and releasing space pests!  Rich is also an awesome dude and when I got this a few weeks back, I almost spit my soda out I was laughing so hard!  (Note to all future artists: DON'T drink anything while seeing guest art for the first time!)  Thanks again Rich for delivering another "Strike" in the M&M canon!
That's all for this now folks but fear not, for next week, the CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT returns for its sixth installment!  I hope y'all got a "Monster" appetite for this one, because it's gonna be big!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all next time! 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Another week, another comic!  Time to pay tribute to one of my all-time favorite books and films, Willy Wonka (Charlie) And The Chocolate Factory!  I've wanted to do one for a while, so here goes...

We only make fun of the things we love, and believe me I LOVE the old movie and book, even the new movie!  Roald Dahl was a big influence on the CRAZYVERSE so it is in good fun that I parody this classic.  With that said, Willy Wonka would've been in a world of trouble if he existed in today's world!  Believe it not, the scene in the original where he has the kids sign a waiver was added after Warner Bros. pointed out to Dahl that Wonka would be arrested for allowing such things to happen at his factory.  And since so many bad things happen, albeit to really bad kids, I just had to explore what REALLY would've happened at the end!

And that's all for this week folks.  We got a wonderful guest comic coming next week from master cartoonist Rich Lauzon of Space Pest Removal!  So take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well, we are now into August and finally recovered a bit from the insane time that was Comic Con 2014!  It's also time for a new Mike And Mindy, so slip into your bathing suit and sandals and head to the beach and enjoy the new toon!  Oh yeah, and put on some sunblock too!  Gets bad at the beach...

 Well, Mindy's always had quite a few uses.  Guess pool floaty can now be added to her resume!  I do have one curiosity about the beach toy though.  I'm quite proud of the color job I did, but why is it in comics/cartoons these things are always yellow with red polkadots?  And why do they all have those nubs on the head?  What horse has those?  Only a cartoonist could ponder such things!

And now, as promised, here are some pics from Comic Con 2014!  Enjoy...

 Hocus Pocus Cosplay!  Imagine my shock when my iPhone pic of this made it onto's best cosplayers of SDCC14!  Pure joy!

 Dumb And Dumber Cosplay!  Hell yeah these dudes rock!


 Sexy Hulkamania?  It's true what they say: ANYTHING can be sexified at Comic Con!  On a side note, seeing Sting show up at the WWE panel was a dream come true!  As a wrestling fan, I can now die fulfilled!

 The Godzilla experience at the Hilton Park.  If only the movie had been as cool!

 Poor Jedi.  His medicolorian count is too low!

 Lydia Deets!  The Original Red Wedding!

 Blankman!  Talk about obscure!

 Sorry Robocop, but you JUST missed Sting.

 Colonel Sanderz and Dark Helmet.  He couldnt go to Comic Con until he had his coffee!
For the first time ever, Top Gun Cosplay!

Assemble your crew!


Buttercup and the Dread Pirate Roberts!  They were looking for the Fire Swamps!

The Elliot Brigade celebrate the digging up of the failed ET games that nearly destroyed the gaming industry!  (For real!  Look it up!)

And so ends another Comic Con.  Was a pretty wild time and man did it take a lot out of me!  Got some amazing books and swag though and made many new friends while catching up with some old ones.  And now, it's time to lay SDCC to rest and start gearing up for Long Beach Comic Con!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a new Mushrooms comic.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!