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Thursday, February 28, 2013


*Sigh* It is with heavy heart that we now extinguish the flame of the celebration we call the CRAZYVERSARY.  After a month of totally amazing and hilarious Guest Strips and Fan Art, it's time to move on to other things and return to the regularly scheduled CRAZY!!!

But never fear!  There's still two great pieces of Fan Art here to help round out the closing ceremonies! Things looked bleak yesterday as it seemed the CRAZYVERSARY might have to end a day early as I was a piece short of being able to finish.  Then last night, I found these two surprises in my e-mail!  Thank you so much Robert Deans and Bob Glasscock!  You guys saved the everything!

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to this blog!  Robert Deans of Crass Fed Comic sent in this hilarious Fan Art depicting the true nature of Mike and Mindy's relationship!  This is Rob's second contribution to the CRAZYVERSARY as he did an equally funny piece two weeks ago that depicted Mike attempting to try out an ACME Batman suit!  His recovery was amazingly quick!  Thanks again Rob! 

Next up, this piece by Bob Glasscock, artist and writer behind the Web Comic Casey The At Bat.  As you can all see, Mike and Mindy can be quite affectionate when they want to be.  Bob obviously did his homework here, working Mindy's famed bloomers into the pic!  But the best part, hands down, is the inclusion of the Dancing Asparagus!  He always makes things more fun!  I didn't even know he could stand still that long! Bob, you accomplished quite a feat here.  Thanks again dude!

And that's it folks!  The CRAZYVERSARY is now complete!  Thank you so much Warren Frantz, Nathan Viney, Jamie Cosley, Chandra Conner,  Kim Belding, Tim Green, Robert Deans, Michelle Hernandez, Josh Hauke, Simon McLaren, Jesse Hughes, Matt Gross, jACKEt, Harry Rickard, Austin Verburg, Corey Davies, Ryan VanMeter and Bob Glasscock!  You guys are so damn awesome and amazing!  And an even bigger thanks to all the CRAZY fans out there for your continued support and readership!  Mere words aren't enough to convey just how much I love and respect all of you!

The CRAZYVERSARY may now be over, but for anybody willing, I'm ALWAYS happy to receive Fan Art!  Trust me people, it makes any artists day to see someone draw their characters!  For those interested, simply draw your Mike and Mindy Fan Art and send it to: 

Remember to put "M&M Fan Art" in the subject box so I'll know it's not spam and ALWAYS keep it family friendly!  I don't mind a little bit of edge but nothing indecent or adult in nature.  All Fan Art that meets these guidelines WILL be posted!

Anyway, that's a wrap!  We'll be back next time with a BRAND NEW Mike and Mindy that's fully "Loaded" and "Aiming" for laughs!  Until then, thank you all again in sharing with me the joy that was the CRAZYVERSARY!  Take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As the end comes ever closer to The CRAZYVERSARY, we have some hilarious Mike and Mindy Fan Art by a truly awesome artist, Ryan VanMeter!

Bet Mike really wishes he would've ordered that ACME Parachute right about now!  Of course with his luck, it probably would've been filled with dishes or an anvil instead!  Enjoy the trip Mike.  We got a spatula ready to scrape you off the canyon floor!

Ryan is yet another friend I made because of Twitter.  Talented and insanely funny, he's one of my favorites to chat with during late night inking sessions.  When it looked like I wouldn't have enough art to finish up the CRAZYVERSARY, up popped a tweet telling me to check my e-mail!  Talk about fast!  He did this within a couple of hours, and it's a very funny piece!  And of course, he worked in Mindy's bloomers, proving once again just how popular they are with readers!  To see more of Ryan's awesome work, click here!

Well, we only have one more day to go here folks!  It's been a CRAZY month, but as George Harrison once said: "All things must pass."  We'll end this party tomorrow with a double dose of CRAZY Fan Art!  Until then, later!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


And we're back with another Mike and Mindy Guest Strip!  This time from a new pal of mine, cartoonist Corey Davies!

What is it with these kids and their expanded lung capacity?  I really ought to have them tested or something.  Kids aren't supposed to inflate like that!  

Corey Davies is a new Twitter pal and the cartoonist behind Cosworth Grind.  When it looked like I wouldn't have enough art to finish the CRAZYVERSARY celebration, he quickly volunteered to do a Guest Strip!  Imagine my surprise when I found this beauty in my inbox!  Even more amazing is the fact that I did a comic similar to this back in my first year!  Pretty wild, no?  Of course, Corey's is a bit more extreme when it comes to poor Mike's situation!  Thanks again Corey!  You rock dude!

Well, that wraps another day!  We'll be back tomorrow with some awesome Fan Art!  Until then, see ya!

Monday, February 25, 2013


And so we have come to the final week of the CRAZYVERSARY!  It's been quite a month with all the awesome Fan Art and Guest Strips!  But we still got a few days left here, so why not keep the party going a little bit longer?  Austin Verburg's dropped by to kick the finale off properly with this "Smashing" Mike and Mindy Guest Strip!  Enjoy...

Poor Mindy.  She just learned the hard way to NEVER come between a boy and his video games.  Better get the bike pump out.  I'm sure Mindy's gonna need some filling up after we peel her off that dinosaur's foot!

Austin Verburg, a.k.a. the "Master of Tacos," is no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE.  He shouldn't be anyway, as the brilliant mind behind the hilarious Austin's Inferno has taken part in every CCE so far.  His comic is one of the funniest on the web with it's hysterical and outrageously surreal take on high school and teenage life in general.  Austin was kind enough to ask me do a Guest Strip (Seen here) for him last fall, which I must admit was one of the most fun comics I've ever done!  I'm very proud of the fact that he was willing to return the favor and even prouder when I learned that Austin had gotten his first Pro Badge for Comic Con this Summer!  Way to go pal!  This July, the tacos are on me!

Well, that's all for today, but never fear!  We got a Guest Strip tomorrow that'll really "Blow" you away!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Well, Week 3 of the CRAZYVERSARY has come to an end.  And what better way to close out the week than with a Guest Strip from a real rising star in the comics world: England's Own Harry Rickard!

Talk about being thrown for a loop!  Poor Mindy.  She really wanted those chocolates too!  But you fans are far more deserving of them.  After all, were it not for the fans, there'd be no Mike and Mindy!

At 16, Harry's one of the youngest pro cartoonists out there.  He's no stranger here at the CRAZYVERSE, having taken part in all three of the CCE's so far.  He's also really good kid.  A very sweet, sincere and honest person.  For several years now he's run The Wizzo  comic, a magazine giving many young cartoonists in England a chance to shine as more publications switch to the digital realm.  He also uses the money he earns from The Wizzo to support research efforts to help cure Diabetes.  I met Harry through Twitter last Summer and hit it off pretty quickly and now I am proud to say that I'm among the artists that call The Wizzo home!  Thanks again Harry for this lovely piece!  Mike and Mindy have never looked better.  Or REDDER for that matter!

And so ends another week of this CRAZY celebration.  Hard to believe it's wound down so fast!  We got one more week to go though, so lets make it count!  I'll catch y'all on Monday with some more Guest Strip madness!  Until then, take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

Thursday, February 21, 2013


You know?  A celebration just ain't a celebration without some fireworks!  Luckily, jACKEt of Many Dull Knives was more than happy to oblige!  Cover your ears!  This one's gonna be loud!

Talk about being "Blown Away!"  I've warned those two about lighting their farts on fire!  But noooo!  What do I know?  Nobody ever listens to me!

jACKEt is no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE, having done a great Mike and Mindy Guest Strip for me last Fall.  Her artwork is wonderful and very versatile, as witnessed by this manga version of the Silent Twosome.  Another Twitter pal, jACKEt's always a lot of fun to chat with and always down to draw.

Time keeps ticking away here as another day of the CRAZYVERSARY comes to an end.  We'll wrap up Week 3 tomorrow with another Guest Strip!  Until then, catch y'all tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Back for some more CRAZYVERSARY fun already?  Good!  We really have a great treat planned for today, courtesy of my good pal Matt Gross, the creator of the outrageously funny CAAATS! comic strip!

HEEEEEEEEEERE'S OLIVE!!!  Now THAT'S how you make a cameo!  Olive certainly left an impression on Mindy. The poor kid is now terrified of boxes!  

I absolutely LOVE this strip!  If you've never read Matt's comics, you need to drop everything and click the link in the first paragraph right now!  CAAATS! is without question one of the best strips ANYWHERE, be it web or print.  Aside from the fun character designs, the stories are straight up hilarious!  Matt draws a lot from his real life cats, Olive and Hazel, and is a true master of character-driven comedy.  Anybody who owns a cat (like me) can relate to his strips, as it shows just how goofy those critters can be!  Thanks again Matt!  I hope Olive enjoyed her new "Punching Bag!"

Well, that's all for today folks.  We'll be back tomorrow with more "Explosive" Fan Art from an old friend!  Until then, I'll catch y'all later!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


And we're back with some more CRAZYVERSARY fun!  This time, Jesse Hughes of the comic Catbeard has dropped by and things are about to be "Kicked" into high gear!

Poor Zordon.  They must really be scraping the bottom of the barrel if Mike and Mindy are the best recruits the Power Rangers can come up with these days!  Eh, they're still more useful than Alpha ever was!  Personally, I always felt Bulk and Skull would've made great Rangers.  They definitely weren't lacking in confidence!

I really love this piece by Jesse, especially Mindy showing a little muscle there as the Purple Ranger! (Has there ever been a purple one?)  His artwork is very slick and a lot of fun to look at.  It's easy to see that he really enjoys his work, as all cartoonists should.  Jesse also created the comic CosmiCat and more of his great work can be seen here

That wraps another day of the CRAZYVERSARY!  We'll be back tomorrow with another Guest Strip that's a real "Cat-tastrophe!"  Until then, catch y'all later! 

Monday, February 18, 2013


And we're back!  It's Week 3 and the CRAZYVERSARY just keeps on rolling thanks to the latest Mike and Mindy Guest Strip from that "Swinging" Englishman, Bulletpaw creator Simon McLaren!

When it comes to good times, Mike and Mindy can really get "Tied" up!  I just love the action here.  Great timing and pacing and an absolutely killer gag!  Certainly makes me jealous that I didn't come up with it myself!

Simon is no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE as he's taken part in every one of the CCE's so far and was co-MVP of the last one.  His beautiful artwork, usually done in colored pencils,  really stands out in this mostly digital world, making Simon a TRUE original.  Like so many others, Simon aided me as I went through my recent rough spell.  In addition to being a great artist he's also a great man and another person I'm proud to call a friend.

Well, that's all for today.  We'll be back tomorrow with another awesome piece of Fan Art that will pack a "Powerful" punch with a "Range" of fans! Until then, catch y'all later!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, we've reached the Halfway point of the CRAZYVERSARY.  Oh why oh why must time fly?  Well, we can't be too sad.  After all, we have another great Guest Strip up and ready, this time by a cartoonist whose CRAZINESS rivals even mine!  I'm speaking of course about none other than Joshua Hauke, creator of the Tales of the Brothers Three

Leave it to Mike and Mindy to go from one source of trouble to another!  Apparently the sharing lesson they learned as babies didn't stick!  Oh well.  They do look tasty though!

Talk about nailing it!  Everything about this strip screams M&M!  From the gag to the pacing, just an all around solid comic!  Joshua is another good friend I made because of Twitter and had the pleasure of finally meeting last Fall at the Long beach Comic and Horror Con.  Our booths were near one another and it didn't take long to for us hit it off!  His style is very unique and his stories are a fun reminder of what it was like to grow up with siblings.  CRAZYVERSE faithful should already be familiar with Josh's creations as the Brothers and their monster, Mook, all appeared in my Comic Con's Most Wanted Vol. 2 strip last Summer.  I also did a comic last Summer for Josh celebrating his comic's Anniversary which can be seen here!  Thanks again Josh.  You really "Reached the Top" on this one!

Alright folks, that does for Week 2.  Thank you so much to all the wonderful artists who contributed Guest Strips and Fan Art!  You are all so awesome and I admire and respect every one of you!  We got even more fun coming next week as the CRAZYVERSARY continues!  In the meantime, take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is Valentines Day!  And what better way to celebrate than with some hearts and a cute girl!  Michelle Hernandez is back and decided to give Mindy a little bit of "Flash" in this Fan Art!  Enjoy!

 That Mindy!  She sure got into the Holiday spirit there!  Who knew she could be so festive?  If anybody needs a heart transplant, hit up Mindy!  She's got plenty to spare!

Mindy's frilly bloomers have often been a source of ridicule here in the CRAZYVERSE, mostly being played for laughs.  In an odd way though, those bloomers really have become a part of her personality, as much as her frilly socks and pink bow.  Recently, I've been getting complaints from female readers, not because Mindy's bloomers are shown from time to time.  Nope, the complaints resulted because of her bloomers' lack of variety!  I tell ya, that's gotta be a first in comics!  

Anyway, I told Michelle about it and she suggested giving Mindy a "Fresh Pair" every month, to show everybody that this gal rolls in style!  And so I make this vow that each month this year, with Michelle's help, Mindy will sport a new pair of bloomers and add some variety to her life!  Is everybody happy now?

And since we missed a month on this new endeavor, it's time to play catch-up!  So here they are: Mindy's New Years bloomers! 

Gotta love them fireworks!  When my cousin Rachel was really little, this mishap happened quite frequently! The goofy kid just never could get it right, but she provided plenty of entertainment for the rest of us!

Alright folks, that's all for today.  Thanks again to the lovely Michelle Hernandez for giving me not one, but two great M&M masterpieces!  I really love working with her and her "Blooming" personality!  Tomorrow wraps another week of the CRAZYVERSARY, so stay 'tooned!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The CRAZYVERSARY continues!  Michelle Hernandez has come by to play today, and because it ain't much of a party without balloons, we were able to get Mike and Mindy's favorite "Windbag" to make an appearance!  And those two better appreciate it!  FT's services don't come cheap!  (Me and Michelle gotta pay for that twerp's braces now!)

How thoughtful of FT to take her little pals on a trip around the Country.  She always has been one to "Expand" her horizons! (All kidding aside, she really has experienced a lot in her 12 years on this planet!)  Too bad she landed in the Great hole!  I really ought to cover that thing up.  I keep meaning to do it, but then I see something sparkly and completely lose focus!

This strip came courtesy of the lovely Michelle Hernandez of Kat Daycare.  Michelle and I are both very close with FT, so much so that we recognize her as our little "Sister!" (Poor kid!)  After Mike and Mindy puffed up their pal last Fall, Michelle decided to revisit that strip, but add a more friendly flair to it.  She also achieved the near impossible: SHE GOT THEM TO TALK!!! Why is it that everybody BUT me seems to be able to pull off this feat?  Anyway, Michelle is one of my closest friends.  Another Twitter savior, she too helped me get through those recent rough times.  She truly is a doll and a brilliant artist.  I could write a book about how great Michelle is!

Alright folks, that's all for today.  We got another great bit from Michelle coming in tomorrow, featuring a very "Revealing" piece on Mindy in honor of Valentines Day!  Until then, catch y'all later!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Has another day passed already?  Guess that means the party MUST continue!  On to today's Fan Art, provided by my pal J. Robert Deans!

Apparently Mike and Mindy really will go through any kind of lengths to get to school on time!  Even if it means trying out more defective products from the ACME Corporation!

J. Robert Deans of Crass Fed Comic is responsible for this beauty!  I love how Mike's eyes are still enormous!  Definitely something these two would try.  Rob is a very good friend that I met on Twitter who, like so many others, came to my aid when things were looking very bad for me.  He's always there with advice or kind words and just seems to have a healing touch.  I'm proud to call him a friend.

Alright folks, that's all for now.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of a two-day special featuring a Guest Strip AND Fan Art by the beautiful Michelle Hernandez!  It's bound to be a "Blooming" good time, so stay 'tooned!  In the meantime, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

Monday, February 11, 2013


And so it continues!  Week 2 of the epic CRAZYVERSARY celebration! Got a lot of great 'toons lined up this week, so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Today's Guest Strip come from my good friend, Atlanta's own Tim Green.  Enjoy!

Many have wondered just how far back Mike and Mindy really go.  Now you know.  Looks like these two were born to be together!  And they even learned a valuable lesson about sharing.  Don't get much cuter than that!

Tim Green is the creator of the awesomely funny Vinnie the Vampire comic, a must read for anybody that enjoys laughing!  He's also one of the nicest cartoonists you'll ever meet and a real pleasure to chat with on Twitter.  When I first saw this, I laughed hard for a good ten minutes straight!  The mere thought of Mike and Mindy as baby's was simply brilliant! Needless to say, I was jealous for not having thought of it first!  Thanks again Tim for doing such a funny Guest Strip.  I'll no doubt be stealing your "Characters as Babies" idea in the near future!

Well folks, that's all for today.  We'll be back tomorrow with some more Mike and Mindy Fan Art from another good friend.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Week 1 of the CRAZYVERSARY has come to an end!  And what better way to end it than with a fun Guest Strip by the one and only Kim Belding of Picpak Dog!

Kim really knocked (or poked) this one out of the park, playing on a very real fear I have!  I love his interpretation of Mike and Mindy.  Those big noses are great!  Kim himself even gets in on the act, committing to the ultimate cartoon gag!  Either that or Mike and Mindy decided to have some inflatable fun with him prior to the comic!

Kim's another good Twitter pal out of Canada (I seem to have a bit of a following there) who should be  no stranger to the CRAZYVERSE faithful, given that he's taken part in every Crazy Cartoon Experiment thus far.  His comics are among the funniest on the web and a great example that the medium is suppose to be entertaining.  Picpak Dog is a great character.  From his color scheme to his attitude, everything about the character just screams animation.  I had the pleasure of doing some Fan Art for Kim last Summer (See it here!) and always look forward to his updates!  Kim also has two books available which I highly recommend!  You can pick 'em up here!

And thus concludes Week 1.  But don't feel bad! We still got three more weeks of CRAZYVERSARY fun scheduled!  We got even more Guest Strips and Fan Art coming out next week!  So be sure to come back and party some more!  Until then, take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We have some more Fan Art here from my good Twitter pal, Chandra Conner!

Apparently, Chandra is really irked by Mike's perpetually untied shoe, so she snatched him up, tied his shoes (double knots even) and completely redressed him! Apparently khaki shorts are no longer fashionable either!  No need to fear though folks, Mike was OK.  Although Chandra's excessive eyeshadow seemed to freak him out a bit!

Chandra is a really amazing person, and yet another Twitter pal that helped me in my hour of need.  She also goes out of her way in raising money for St. Jude's Hospitals by auctioning off decorated Tee shirts.  This year, she asked me to do it which has led to many other artists to jump on board!  It's a great cause and I'm proud to take part.  I did three shirts myself and plan to post pics in the very near future!  Thanks again Chandra!  You made your "Cyber-Dad" very proud!

Well, we got one more post this week, and y'all are really gonna be "Buzzing" about tomorrow's Guest Strip, so "Bee" prepared!  Until then, stay 'tooned!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's time for another Guest Strip as the CRAZYVERSARY continues!  This time, Jamie Cosley of Cody The Cavalier is on deck and ready to take a swing!  And boy does he!

My goodness!  That's two and a row now where the notoriously silent duo have broken out in speech!  Who knew they had it in them?  They're even ready to ROCK at this point!  Mike does know how to wail on a guitar though!  And we ALL know that Mindy can cut a rug!

Jamie is another good friend that I met through Twitter and asked me to do a Cody Guest Spot (See it here!) a couple of months ago.  Actually, he asked me even longer than that, but busy times prevented me from doing it in a timely manner.  Luckily, Jamie's a patient dude and understood the situation!  His Cody The Cavalier comic really is one of the most charming on the web and has some absolutely beautiful artwork.  Well worth reading.

And so wraps another day of the CRAZYVERSARY!  We got some more Fan Art coming tomorrow from a special gal who's done a lot to bring in some money for St. Jude's Hospitals, so stay 'tooned!  Until then, catch y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today is a truly groundbreaking day in the CRAZYVERSE!  For the first time ever, Mindy speaks!  And who is responsible for this Earth-shattering moment?  UK Cartoonist and Animator Nathan Viney!

So that's all it took eh?  Mike doing a jig?  Better be careful Mike.  A pretty girl like Mindy does have plenty of options!  

This piece is significant for more than just being the first time one of them has ever talked.  It's also because it's the first piece of Fan Art I ever received!  Fan Art is something all of us cartoonists dream of getting.  It's kind of a right of passage thing.  It's a great feeling and I thank Nathan for sending it in to me.  His comic, Tomothy and Pals is a great read so do yourself a favor and check it out!

And so ends day two!  We'll be back tomorrow with another Guest Strip, so be sure to come back and have some more fun! 

Monday, February 4, 2013


The CRAZYVERSARY is now underway here at the blog and what better way to celebrate than with some Guest Strips?  So let's get this party started with our first Guest Artist, my CRAZY Canadian "Brother," Warren Frantz!

So Mike and Mindy went over to play with Gloria and Gayle Golz of Off Season and, well, one thing led to another and now a full scale war is going on!  Love the use of different sports equipment, especially the ones that are clearly Canadian! (God I miss that drink!)  Also love how Mindy proudly sports her bloomers there!  She's keeping granny panties fashionable!  And will somebody please tell me where I can get a Mud Launcher?

In all seriousness though, I love this guest strip by Warren.  I've done a couple of Fan Art pieces for him that can be seen here and here!  He's become a great friend of mine through twitter and even sent me a packet of poutine gravy mix and a copy of his book based on his Fam Jam Golf storyline.  Warren's a good man and a great cartoonist.  He was one of the many that came to my aid when I was down last month and for that, I'm forever grateful.  His wife and daughters are also just the most darling people.  Just a great bunch all around.  I'm proud to call all of them friends.

Well folks, that's part one!  Tomorrow, we'll be posting our first bit of Fan Art...  Literally!  So stay 'tooned!  Until then, catch y'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 1, 2013


And so it begins!  The third Anniversary of my humble little blog!  Who knew that when I started three years ago, I'd still be at it?  It's been a wild ride so far.  Peaks, valleys and all that other stuff in between.  The CRAZYVERSE continues to grow into a powerhouse among web comics, and I owe it all to you, dear reader!  I vow right here and right now to continue bringing the funniest 'toons I can muster!  I hope y'all love reading them as much as I love making them.

I won't lie folks.  The last couple of months have been rough.  Many difficult situations arose in my personal life and for a while there, things looked bleak.  And yet in my darkest hour, many of my friends from Twitter, people whom I've never even met in person, came to my aid. And for that, I am truly grateful.  Your kindness and compassion got me through one of the worst times in my life and words aren't enough to described how much I care about all of you.  I consider myself to be a pretty lucky dude.  To have made so many friends from my silly comics is a real honor.  I promise one way or another, I'll personally thank each and every one of you.

Well, I think we've all waited long enough.  The comics are fresh out of the oven and piping hot!  So let's dig in as Mike and Mindy are up first and still trying to get to school!  Will they succeed?  Scroll down to find out!
Wow!  Talk about "Flatlining!"  *Sigh* Guess those two are destined to be a "Smash Hit!"  Can't help but wonder exactly what kind of trajectory skills second graders posses?  Oh well.  There's always next time I suppose.  

And now, making a brief return to the original format, here's a very special Mushrooms that the silent twosome themselves inked!  When they told me they wanted to pay tribute to me, I got all misty eyed and said "Awwwwwwwwwww!"  So here it is, Mike and Mindy's debut as creators!

What the?! Why those little... I... Look, it ain't what it looks like!  Those squirrels invited me over for dinner!  And I voluntarily quit Clown College!  And I live in a Truffle!  And it's a Man Frock!  Not a tutu!  As far as the nocturnal thing goes, it's the only time I get to draw sometimes!  Try finding a cartoonist that ISN'T nocturnal!  And I'll have y'all know that howling at the Moon is good for the lungs!  Ooh, those turds are gonna pay for this one!

The fun ain't over just yet!  Your Web Comics recently interviewed me and I even did an exclusive Mike and Mindy comic JUST for the site! You can check it out by simply clicking here!

And this is just the beginning folks!  I got a great line up of Guest Strips and Fan Art already in store!  EVERY weekday in February will be a celebration!  And best of all, there is STILL time to send in your Fan Art! Help Mike and Mindy celebrate their CRAZYVERSARY!  Send your Fan Art to:

PLEASE keep it family friendly and but do have fun with it!  All Fan Art received WILL be posted, so send yours in today!

Well folks, that's all for now!  I'll be back on Monday with the first Mike and Mindy Guest Strip of the CRAZYVERSARY, courtesy of my CRAZY Canadian "Brother," Warren Frantz of Off Season!  In the meantime, take care and I'll catch y'all later!