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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


It's guest week again!  This time, Joe Flanders of the hilarious Web Comic Ninja And Pirate has dropped by!  So let's dive on in and have some "Loud" party fun!

Did I say loud?  I meant controlled!  This may very well be the tamest house party ever!  Love that Gromit is among the revelers!  Kids at school used to think I was weird for knowing what Wallace And Gromit was.  Uncouth Americans!  (I'm one to talk.  I can't even make it through 15 minutes of Doctor Who! )

Joe Flanders is a funny guy.  Strike that.  He's a REALLY funny guy!  His comic, Ninja And Pirate is among the most insanely funny web comics you will find!  The story, as you may have guessed, is about a Ninja and a Pirate and the wacky situations they get into on a regular basis!  From reading gruesome fairy tales to toddlers to ladies learning to be comfortable farting in front of dudes, Joe's hilarious duo have covered a lot of ground!  Joe is also a hell of a nice guy and a very supportive friend!  You need a good laugh?  Then click on the links to Joe's site!  You'll be thankful you did!  Thanks again Joe.  You rock dude!

Well, that's all for this week folks.  We close September on a somber note next week as the CRAZYVERSE pays tribute to a man whose spirit I never thought could be silenced, Robin Williams.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later.

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