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Thursday, February 12, 2015


Alright!  The weekend's almost here!  But first, we gotta get through a couple more comics, and boy did Ben Starzec deliver a doozy!

Wow!  Bruce Lee-zard is a HUGE star!  How on Earth did Ben snag such an awesome guest star for his comic?!  Can't say I blame Mindy for wanting to emulate such an amazing talent!  Plus, who HASN'T wanted to rampage through the streets of Tokyo at one time or another?

Ben Starzec is no stranger here at the CRAZYVERSE, having taken part in the most recent CRAZY CARTOON EXPERIMENT.  His Comic, Dogs, Ducks And Aliens, the tale of some dogs, ducks and aliens that put on a wrestling promotion, is one of the most insane comics one the web and a must read for any wrestling fan!  He's also a huge fan of Bubble Fox and is constantly spreading the word of my other series, for which I am eternally grateful for.  Imagine my surprise when he sent me this great guest strip that not only had Mike and Mindy in it, but also a variation of Malfor, the ferocious dragon that gave Bubble and the Bunny Warrior Cecile (Of Minki Kim's Cotton Tale) the chase of their lives back in October!  This strip is an instant classic well versed in the M&M tropes.  Thanks again Ben!  Now cue some Blue Oyster Cult, and I don't mean cowbell!

Well, Week 2 of the CRAZYVERSARY concludes tomorrow, but never fear!  Brad Perri has assured me the second week will end on a "High" note so that we can gently "Float" into the weekend.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

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