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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Welcome back!  It's Thursday which means only one thing: LAUNDRY DAY!!!  Oh yeah, and another CRAZYVERSARY guest strip.  This time, Matt Cole has come over and he really brought his A Game!  Enjoy…

If "Fenemies" (A term I hate by the way!) ever applied to two people, it would be Mike and Mindy.  Their rivalry knows no bounds, even when it comes to grave peril.  Not sure if Mindy should really be all that jealous in the end here though.  That bear looks pretty hungry!

Matt Cole is a more recent discovery I made via Twitter and man am I thankful I came across his phenomenal work!  Everything he does is simply amazing, with his colors in particular being a true delight!  That he does it all by hand still (no computers other than scanning) is a true marvel and one I respect greatly.  Even I use Photoshop Elements for minor touchups!  Matt's a one of a kind talent as anyone who's seen his amazing comic Jabaru can attest to!  When I put out the call I needed guest comics, he was among the first to answer and not only delivered the beauty above but also a brilliant Bubble Fox guest comic as well!  I tell y'all I really am blessed to have my characters rendered by such a great artist.  Thanks again Matt!

Well, week one is almost done and Joe Gillespie has promised to deliver some Moon-sized laughs!  So stop by on friday for some "Large" laughs!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

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  1. Awesome - thanks Jon, really cool to be a part of this :)