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Monday, February 2, 2015


HAPPY CRAZYVERSARY!!!  No, Mike and Mindy aren't back.  As you can see, they are clearly enjoying their retirement and the beach!  But it is their anniversary month, and a party still has to happen for them!  Just like in years past, every weekday this month we got a Mike And Mindy guest comic coming at you from some awesome pals from the web comic realm!  First up is Kim Belding, creator of Mike and Mindy's favorite pal, Picpak Dog!  But before we jump into the guest comic, I first have a surprise for all my CRAZIES.

Have any of you ever wanted to see Mike and Mindy in… 3D?!

Well now you can!  The above image is the result of countless hours of research and experimentation!  It's amazing how well it came out and I hope y'all get a kick out of it!  What's that?  You don't have 3D glasses?  Never fear!  The good folks at Wikihow got you covered!  Follow the included link here for directions and a template to make your own red and blue 3D glasses should have none of your own!  And yes, the red and cyan type will work too if you have those!

And now, enjoy the toon…

These three have quite a history together!  Picpak was sad to hear of his friends' retirement but had assurances they'd still have some fun every now and then.  Perhaps he should've been more specific on the actual time!

I can't sing the praises of Kim Belding enough.  He's a kind hearted soul, a phenomenal talent and an amazing pal.  He's always a good sport in our constant debates over which root beer is the best.  He's my partner in crime and one day we WILL get CRAZY in Pink off the ground.  Without the aid of helium to boot!  When I got this toon I laughed rather heartily.  It really did sum up the friendship and friendly rivalry of our respective casts peferctly.  Inflation was M&M's trademark gag really and in a sense it's been passed on to Picpak.  Thanks again Kim.  I take comfort knowing these guys will always be full of hot air!

You know?  3D was cool, but the request I get the most is animation.  "When are we gonna see Mike and Mindy move Jon?" is something I'm constantly asked and if I had the money, it'd be done in a heartbeat!  But I don't so I hope this really simple GIF is good enough!  Enjoy...

This was probably the grossest gag I ever did in a Mike And Mindy comic.  It got one of the best reactions ever from readers and seemed taylor made to be animated.  I know the GIF is rough, but I think it came out OK for having never done one before.  Perhaps someday it will be properly animated for to see and hear!

Well, that's all for day one, but don't feel left "Hanging!"  We got a new guest toon tomorrow from J.A. Parker that will be "Monster" laughs for all!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all tomorrow!

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  1. Awesome comic Kim, made me laugh! That animation and the 3d is too cool as well :)