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Wednesday, January 10, 2024


We are back CRAZIES!!!  Ten days into January already, can you believe it?!?  It'll be Shamrock Shake Season before we know it!  But enough about that.  Our fight against inflation continues as we work to battle the bad bloating with the good bloating, and this week we get some celebrity help!  Don't believe me?  Scroll down and see for yourself!  Enjoy...

Bubble you clod!  You don't inflate guests!  Especially guests with super powers!  Will that daffy fox ever learn?!?  The victim in question is AK Girl, the star of the popular Reynard City comics created by Rob Turner.  AK Girl is a foxy fighter who kicks quite a lot of butt but has one rather large problem: Anytime she touches caramel, she inflates!  Making matters worse, most of her enemies are aware of her affliction and always try to take advantage of it.  Luckily for AK Girl, she's as crafty as any fox, and always finds a way to win!  Helium on the other hand...  She's still working that one out!  Bubble wasn't exactly trying to be mean.  In addition to wanting to do fan art for her, he was also playing catch up with Helium Discovery Day!  They should all be thankful that at least it wasn't National Balloon Popping Day.  Things could've gotten messy with that!  AK Girl eventually deflated and made a mad dash for her life out off the Crazy Forest, vowing never to return again.  Who could blame her?!?

Another week down as we countdown to Christmas (Be honest, a lot of you already are and you know it!), but fear not!  PLENTY of fun to be had between then and now, and we're doing our part by having more Loony art for you next week, so be sure to come back and check it out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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