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Wednesday, January 31, 2024


We've come to the end CRAZIES.  The VERY end.  As final as it gets.  The very last CRAZYVERSE post ever...  Of January 2024!  What you thought I was quitting?  Never!  So long as I have at least ONE reader left, I'll keep slogging off post after post until I inevitably drop dead by choking on a ham sandwich in my bathtub!  Until then, we still got one more bit of inflated art meant to combat bad inflation with good, so let's bounce right in before someone grabs a pin and send January off floating!  Enjoy... 

In history, there have been many great battles.  USA vs. USSR, Rocky vs. Apollo Creed, the Yankees vs. the Red Sox, even Spy vs. Spy.  But no rivalry in recent years has quite matched up in the way that this one has.  I'm talking about the battle between the Gold Evil Little Princess and the Blue Evil Little Princess!  These sisters share purple hair and the same mother, but not much else!  Their constant bickering has driven all within the castle nearly mad, from the goblin servants to the bats in the belfry to even the Queen herself!  In this piece, they've taken their sibling rivalry to new heights AND girths!  In an effort to prove that one was bigger than the other, they took to inflating themselves!  I swear there are politicians that can't hold THAT much hot air!  Will it ever end?  Only they, and their clothes, know for sure!  These wickedly adorable Evil Little Princesses are the creation of my dear friend Nora Racz.  A most fabulous illustrator, she posted some art of these vicious tykes driving their mother crazy one day and it set all our hearts ablaze!  With a little encouraging, there's now quite the series of these princesses battling it out, even teaming up once to inflate the queen!  I knew I needed one more post for my Fan Art Fridays on Twitter last year, and I didn't have to look far for inspiration.  Right now the Gold Princess has one more win than the Blue one.  We'll have to see what Nora does next!

And so ends the first month of the 2024!  We hope you enjoyed this bloated display of tastefully inflated cartoon characters!  Be sure to come back next time as we hope to kick February off right by celebrating a certain fox who's just finishing up a big milestone!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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