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Wednesday, January 17, 2024


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  We've reached the midway point of January!  We're not too far off from Pink Halloween, aka Valentines Day, but since I have no significant other, I'll just have to look forward to Mardi Gras instead.  That one's more fun anyway.  Better food, better decorations and all the beads I can carry!  Of course, as these days grow colder, one does start to pine for the warmer months that ARE on the horizon, but still a bit off.  Luckily, Bubble and pals are happy to oblige us in some Summer Lovin'!  Or in this case, Blubbin'!  We are still in a Loony mood as our salute to inflation continues with more cartoon buoyancy!  Enjoy...

Willow doesn't have it easy being Bubble's girlfriend.  She does love her foxy fella for sure, but it is quite hazardous tagging along with a walking disaster like Bubble Fox, and Willow has accidentally been on the receiving end of his shenanigans many times.  So, it was on this occasion that she decided to take a preemptive strike and render Bubble helpless before he can render her hapless!  Pepper, sadly, seemed to be caught in the crossfire of Willow just wanting a nice relaxing float at the beach!  Even the octopus seems a bit puzzled by it all!  This piece was part of the CRAZY Summer Blow Up that Jennifer Cuthbert and I hosted on Twitter last summer.  A fun event that called for artists to turn their characters into inflatables and pool floaties, it was a nice addition to the other CRAZY events we host throughout the year, and I look forward to its return in August!

Three down, two to go as we plow through January and continue our battle against inflation!  But no bubbles will burst yet, so come back next week as we keep this thing afloat!  In the meantime, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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