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Wednesday, March 29, 2023



*Sighs* Well, WonderCon 2023 has passed.  And it was...  I haven't a foggy clue?  I write these posts well in advance of their actual post dates, so I have no idea yet just how cool things were or weren't?  I'm willing to roll the dice that it was a really cool show, but I can guarantee that when this post does eventually hit, I'm gonna be really tired!  So how's about we give Future Jon a break and just launch right into this look back at last year's WonderCon?  Enjoy...

Funko went all out in 2022 taking up half an exhibit hall with their massive booth/experience.  Little did we know they'd really top themselves at SDCC four months later!

Riddle me this: Who had a killer Riddler costume at WonderCon?  Look directly above the text for the answer!

Moon Knight was there celebrating his Disney+ show!  He seemed to really luck out on his fountain shot given the lack of crowds!

We're a Beetleborg, Mystic Knight and VR Trooper short of hitting the Saban Brands Jackpot!

Rainbow Brite is still finding ways to make the world more colorful!

The Heartbreak Kid ain't NOBODY'S boy toy!

Nanu nanu, Mork!


Oh how I'd LOVE to have all these awesome Tokusatsu toys and collectibles.  But I have no first born to barter with at those prices!

This may be the coolest family cosplay ever!  Loves me some CLASSIC Looney Tunes, with the keyword here being CLASSIC!!!

Hygiene is very important, especially in this post-pandemic world.  We should all thank Ernie for reminding us of that!

Dr. Jones?  Son's in trouble again!

Sorry girls, haven't seen any missing shoes, let alone glass ones!

And finally, M. Bison was in attendance and trying to peddle off his goofy currency on all the attendees.  His Bison dollars are worth less than crypto!

And that was WonderCon 2022!  After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, WonderCon made a triumphant return last spring, albeit with some scaling back.  Many attendees and exhibitors were still wary about a large-scale show being held, and rightfully so.  Still, those who did come really enjoyed themselves and I scored a few really cool books at the Stuart NG booth, so it all worked out.  Hopefully last week's show will have seen some of the pre-pandemic traditions return.  Guess we'll find out next week!

That's a wrap on the month of March CRAZIES, but not on the CRAZY WonderCon Countdown!  We still got one more post to go, and since we're ending one month on a high note, why not kick off another on an even higher note?  So be sure to come back next week and see how WonderCon 2022 went!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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