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Wednesday, March 1, 2023


Welcome to March CRAZIES!!!  The very first day no less and two months in a row now we're starting the blog on the first day of the month!  How cool is that?  Know what's cooler?  We are now just over three weeks away from WonderCon 2023!  It was a rough go for a couple of years there with the pandemic and all, but cons are back and operating safely and we're all for it here at the CRAZYVERSE!!!  

But of course, we still have quite a wait ahead of us here, so while we wait, how about we take a stroll back to the glorious past where we revisit not just the fun of WonderCon, but its predecessor, WizardWorld as well?  We are setting the Wayback Machine waaaaaaaay back to 2010!  The city was Anaheim and the month was April, the weekend before my 26th birthday no less!  It was the first time in my adult life that I could afford to go on a road trip and I made count!  Hold on to your underoos kids, because the CRAZY WonderCon Countdown is a go!  Enjoy...

Kato is an avid collector of buttons and pins.  He has good taste!

One of my all-time favorite cosplay groups!  This is but a small section of the dozens of cosplayers that showed up doing a 60's Batman!  These people could hardly take a step without posing for a picture that weekend!  I just hope the kid playing Robin got a Disneyland trip out of the deal for wearing that getup for a whole weekend!  He was clearly a good sport!

Quite literally the voices of my childhood standing behind that table there!  All them were super cool and couldn't have been friendlier!

We now make the jump to WizardWorld 2011 with dearly departed but still legendary Jedi Elvis.  This dude was a staple at cons all throughout Southern California.  He was always very friendly and down to take pics and even hosted a few parties during the cons.  He's very much missed but still fondly remembered.

Holy crowded aisle ways Batman!

Even Bounty Hunters like to game when they can!

The thing I really liked about the WizardWorld shows was how chill they were.  They were not smalltime by any means, but I never felt the need to rush when I went to one of their cons.  I guess it's known as FanExpo now, or something to that liking.  I just hope they never lose that chill vibe regardless of the name.

As Kermit would sing, moving right along, we now scoot along with R2-D2 to 2012 and the very first WonderCon held in Anaheim!  What was only supposed to be a three year stay has turned into a SoCal tradition, despite one of the con's more prominent neighbors not being fans.  It was also my first time tabling at a con and boy what a rush THAT was.  Always start small folks.  You can't dive if you don't know how to swim!

More bounty hunters!  We do NEED that scum!  Especially if youre a Disney+ executive!

Cant we all just get along?

He's bringing the thunder y'all!

Making another time leap hear to WonderCon 2013 and HOLY HELL!!!  Is the Count just swallowing his victims whole now?!?

And to think, it would be six more years before Lucasfilm FINALLY did something bounty hunter-related in Star War media.

Some rare Spirit cosplay, but I'm for it!

These necron knights are quite menacing!

And with that, we now jump too 2014 and this prize catch!  I'm almost certain the only reason tighty whities even exist still is for Quailman cosplay!

It's amazing the kind of things one can create with craft foam and PVC pipe!

Always down for some puppetry enthusiasts!

Could you imagine if Homer had sold his soul for THAT donut?!?

And now we enter our final stretch at WonderCon 2015!  My last year tabling at the show and Lydia Deitz was kind enough to stop by and chat for a bit!  Hopefully her camera has better focus than mine does!

Usually its guys with inflatable girlfriends hanging around at the cons!

I would so rock this jacket!

And finally, a farewell from R4, the unsung hero of the Star Wars universe!

And that was quite the blast from the past!  Two cons totaling six years of memories, some better than others.  The reason for this potpourri post if you will is that I simply didn't have enough pics to do a full six weeks of WonderCon posts!  Not having it in 2020 and 2021 set me back a bit and the year I tabled there didn't net me many pictures either as I wasn't able to walk around and see things.  The 2014 and 2015 sections especially I had to scrape the barrel to find those pics!  Frankly, I'm amazed I had so many from 2010 and 2011 left over to sort through!  Next year should be normal again as I will have six years to choose from again.  In the mean time, enjoy the glorious past!

That's all for now but fear not!  More cool pics are coming up next week and in the weeks following as our CRAZY WonderCon Countdown continues!  So be sure to come back and check it out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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