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Wednesday, April 5, 2023



Welcome to April CRAZIES!!!  It's a new month, but we're kicking it off with an old theme: The CRAZY WonderCon Countdown!  It's the finale of the countdown, which is a bit of a bummer I will admit, but this post is still worthwhile as we FINALLY get to what it is we'd been counting down to for so long... WONDERCON 2023!!!  So let's get our comfy shoes on one last time as we make one final trip around the Anaheim Convention Center and take in this year's show!  Enjoy...

Your happily ever after is just a tear drop away...

Loved this Cinderella cosplay!  Nobody ever does the King's assistant!  Turns out these two were big theme park junkies like me!  Spent a good 30 minutes talking about Boysenberry Fest at Knott's!

A lot of old school Trekkies got it, but according to this guy, I was the only "Regular Dude" at the con to get the reference of his hat!  Being a toy nerd kinda helped!  And for those still scratching their heads, just watch the Star Trek episode of the Toys That Made Us and all will make sense!

Tinkerbell is a pixie, so technically she could be among the inhabitants of the Labyrinth.  Especially since Disney does own at least a chunk of that movie by virtue of owning Lucasfilm, the co-producers.

Funko was back and much like last year, took up half of one exhibit hall!  This time around they went with a carnival theme!  Getting inside was no easy task and many items sold out fast.  Still, it's cool to see WonderCon finally get some immersive booths for a change.

Beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!  They may follow you home!


Hello neighbor!

It's Bender in his wrestling persona the Gender Bender and his evil twin Flexo, who ironically enough is actually LESS evil than Bender is!

Some pretty slick Doc Oc cosplay here!  Never ceases to amaze me how regular folks with no knowledge at all on how to build these things are making these incredible costumes using nothing more than Home Depot scraps while the actual movies with billions of dollars at their disposal are crapping out effects that wouldn't even pass on a Sega Genesis!  My point here?  People are amazing and Hollywood, give your animators proper time to work dammit!

Finish him?  Elsa's taken fatalities to an unheard of level!

Sorry Walter, SDCC's already sold out!

The Easter Bunny was getting a little bit of practice in before the big weekend!

I'm a sucker for obscure cosplay, and Loonette did not disappoint!  There was no carpeting in the exhibit hall, save for the actual booths, so we really could've used some big comfy couches during the show!


Your nightmare fuel for the week.

Well gooooooolly!  It's your friend when things get rough, H.R. Pufnstuf!

Sweet!  Nobody ever ever does Back To The Future III cosplay!

All wonderful things must come to an end.  Thankfully, our god pal "Ed" was there to get the Cosplay Dance Party going so that the con could go out on a high note!

And that was WonderCon 2023!  The first day was a little slow, frighteningly slow even.  Given that it was a school/work day for many, it's not too surprising in hindsight.  But then Saturday came and the floodgates opened!  People and cosplay everywhere!  It was a fun time and I got a LOT of great pics!  Made some new friends while catching up with some old ones.  Had a wonderful time with my good pal and father-to-be, Matt Eargle, who introduced me to Anaheim's premier food hall just a couple of miles away from the con!  Also had the absolute joy of meeting the creative team behind Animaniacs and Freakazoid!  Those folks helped make a rough childhood more tolerable and meeting them made my year!  Also scored a BUNCH of old school comics!  Even my trips to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm worked out well!  The only real downer was I got a sinus infection from all the air conditioning and wacky weather.  Can't win them all I suppose.  Overall though, it was a great show and I'm eagerly counting down the days until WonderCon 2024!

And so ends the CRAZY WonderCon Countdown, but fear not faithful CRAZIES, for ANOTHER big countdown is on the horizon!  What countdown is that?  Well, come back in June and you'll see!  Until then, some old art will just have to suffice for the next eight weeks.  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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