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Wednesday, August 31, 2022


Well, another month is in the books, committed to history.  Summer doesn't actually end for a few more weeks but come tomorrow, everybody will be in fall mode, and I'm okay with that.  Halloween stuff is already popping up in stores, so now I can officially get into the spirit of things!  Oddly enough, as kids are going back to school, I'm starting my own little break...

Yup, it's that time of year again over at the Bubble Fox site but it's all good as some dear pals have stepped in with some guest comics to help keep things going while I charge my batteries a bit.  Doing comics is fun, but it takes a lot of energy, especially when you take into account that I work full-time and have other responsibilities as well.  Sometimes we all just gotta step away for a bit and for me, it's always September.  The Blog will still be up and running though as it's a lot easier to maintain weekly art posts than bi-daily comic posts.  Having said that, it's time to jump into today's art!  Scroll down and see what's up!  Enjoy...

Behold!  Vasilisa, the Beautiful?  Never heard of her?  Neither had I until Animal Alphabets really had to start scraping the barrel to find ANY fairy tale character just finish out the last few letters!  I'm a bit of a purest as far as animals are concerned, but she does have a skull lantern, so that's cool, right?  As for the fairy tale itself?  It's basically Cinderella but in Eastern Europe and instead of a fairy godmother, she has a creepy, magical doll.  Also, Vasilisa more or less succeeds on her own in spite of her cruel step family.  The more she endures, the more beautiful she becomes while her step family become more decrepit, proving that real beauty comes from the heart.

And that's a wrap on August of 2022!  Was a fun month and nice to get back into doing some art-related posts.  We'll be back next week with some real blasts from the past as I add inks and colors to some of the few pencil roughs I have left from my Daily Doodle/Sketch Dailies era!  It's been a while so it'll be interesting to update these pieces during inks.  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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