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Wednesday, July 6, 2022



Welcome to July my CRAZIES!!!  We are well into summer now and hopefully y'all didn't party TOO hard over the weekend!  The San Diego County Fair has come to pass, and it was fun AND delicious!  I didn't go as many times as I would've liked, but that's okay, as something else is rapidly approaching that will be even more fun!  Maybe you've even heard of it?  A little thing called Comic Con?!?  Yup!  We are officially in the home stretch as Comic Con 2022 is now two weeks away as of this posting!

It's been three VERY long years since the world has descended upon Downtown San Diego to celebrate all things pop culture, and while things aren't quite as ideal as we'd all like them to be, they're certainly better than they were.  For over a month now we've been looking back at some of the moments from SDCC's past that brought so many smiles to so many people, and today's no different!  So strap into your VR headsets and hold on to your Slurpee's because the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN continues on to 2016!  Enjoy...

Little bit of Over The Garden Wall cosplay to get the juices flowing in the morning!  Gotta be honest, I really didn't get this series.  I liked the style and actors involved, but the end kinda killed it for me.  I don't know.  Maybe I'm just getting old!

If you can't trust Jack Burton, who can you trust?

You might all sorts of interesting folks Downtown during SDCC!

The beloved NERD HQ.  In what turned out to be their final year, they partnered with Microsoft to move the Xbox Lounge over to be part of their offsite, which was somewhat cool, except Xbox's offerings were much smaller and no longer included the awesome swag they gave away or the performances they'd do at the old lounge.  All things must pass I suppose.

The FX Zone's still around, though some of the shows they were plugging aren't.  Seriously, does anyone even remember Son Of Zorn?  Until I dug through these pics, I'd totally forgotten about it!

The Nintendo Lounge!  Another beloved part of SDCC that might be switching gears this year.  That or expanding.  Guess we'll find out soon enough!

The Petco Park Interactive Zone!  Free, fun AND returning!  Though so far only two activations have been revealed, but I get the feeling more news will be coming VERY soon!

Tin Fish Square (which will soon be taken over by Rockin' Baja Lobster) is another freebies hotspot that has seen a host failed shows get big time promotion!  I honestly don't know if Timeless still comes on, but they had a spinning ride, so that was cool at least!

Entertainment Weekly's ConX experience was short-lived but a lot of fun.  They gave away a BUNCH of swag, but were located clear on the other side Hyatt, so it was a bit of a walk.  Considering the distance some con goers have been willing to walk in the years since, maybe EW should've stuck it out?  Perhaps in the future, they'll return.

Six years later and the DCEU is still as divisive now as it was then.  That will typically happen when one jumps off the high dive without learning how to swim first.  Still, the anatomically correct statue of Superman was quite the sight, especially with its nighttime lighting!

Nerdsist's Camp Conival!  One of my all-time favorite offsites, they were free and had a lot of cool swag and even had panels!  If memory serves, the above pic was with the cast of the 2017 Power Rangers movie!  Nerdist still does an offsite, but it's shrunk considerably since their days of taking over Petco Park (They literally built their stages in the bleachers of the stadium, which is good because Petco was meant for night games!).  This year seems like a good time to blow things up big again!

Many fans online are already placing bets on which FX show will be plastered on the north end of the Hilton Bayfront this year!  American Horror Story is the front runner based on passed history.  More than a few people were freaked out while heading south on Harbor Drive and seeing THIS monstrosity staring them down!  The Strain was certainly a freaky show.

South Park, still going for better or worse!

We'll end things today with another trip to the Petco Park Interactive Zone where Jack In The Box set up an activation and sold most of their legendary menu!  For my east coast CRAZIES making the trip out this month, do yourselves a favor and run through a Jack in the Crack while you're out here.  Their tacos have to be experienced at least ONCE in a lifetime!

And that was Comic Con 2016!  I did a lot of walking that year as my brother's kids wanted to do EVERYTHING!!!  One of the worst blisters I've ever had on my foot came from the first day alone!  Still, 2016 was an awesome year for offsites and a great year for swag.  I look back very fondly on that year.

And that's all for this first week of July but fear not, as more SDCC fun returns in seven days!  So be sure to come back and check things out!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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