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Wednesday, June 29, 2022



We have come to it at last... The end of June!  What?  After all these years did you NOT think I wouldn't do another blog ending fake-out joke?  For shame CRAZIES!!!  But it's all good!  With June ending, that just means we are even CLOSER now to SDCC!  Rather than drag this on further, how's about we just roll on into the post?

The year is 2015, and all systems are go for a return to the San Diego Convention Center!  Hold on to your foam Cosplay armor!  The CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN is on!  Enjoy...

First up is a sentimental pick for me.  Those two tykes are my niece and nephew, Kristen and Dante, Jr.  They've been a part of the con experience with me for many years.  Dante graduated high school two years ago while Kristen graduated this month.  They're all grown up now so it's with a misty eye I look at this pic of us in younger years having fun at the Peanuts activation at the Petco Park Interactive one that year.

So THAT'S the kind of shrubbery he wanted!

The Dwarves of the Iron Hills don't mess around!

And here I'd always heard that George Lucas was super shy!

These Avengers were so stoked that Lego got the Marvel license away from Mega Bloks!

One of the cooler offsites was one that only a select few got to check out that year: Skeletor's Lair!  At the Mattel booth, they had a volunteer asking people who walked by if they knew what Skeletor's real name was.  When they asked me, it was so casual I literally thought the girl who asked just wanted to know, so I said "Keldor,' which it is.  She smiled and handed me a token and an address and boy I wasn't disappointed!  Though the walk was insanely long!  I still have the token and even bought a Mossman Chia Pet!

The Petco Park Interactive Zone did not disappoint that year, with sweet activations, an impromptu cosplay contest and even a drop tower ride that they rented from the San Diego County Fair that had recently ended the week before!

Not to be outdone, the FX Zone at Hilton Park also made their presence know outside of the con!

This is without question one of the best cosplays I've ever seen!  I loves me some obscure cosplay and it's hard to top The Brave Little Toaster!

Never fear folks!  The ambulance is just there as a precaution (Though they have been used at the show before sadly) and the crowd was merely being moved from Hall H to the Pops Site behind the Convention Center for an exclusive concert of Star Wars music after the Star Wars: Ep VII panel!

The Turtles were incognito that year!

My niece just couldn't wait to get a slice of that sentient cupcake!

Nothing like some failed movie hype!

Lastly, since wrestling cosplay is also awesome, here's Andre the Giant!

And that was Comic Con 2015!  A great year and a great show!  All sorts of awesome cosplay, some great offsite activations, even the swag seemed above average that year!  About the only bad thing that happened was a damn bee stung me while I was reaching into my bag, but it was dealt with swiftly!  These things happen sometimes.

And that's a wrap on June 2022!  We'll be back next week to kickoff July on the right foot with even more SDCC madness as the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN marches on!  So be sure to come back!  In the meantime, take care and stay especially safe this weekend.  It's the 4th of July folks, so really resist the urge to put on your own fireworks display.  Plenty of professionals provide great shows for free!  Catch y'all later!

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