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Wednesday, June 15, 2022


Another week in and the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN takes us quite literally to the middle of June already!  Where does all the time go?  Probably to the San Diego County Fair!  It's back and all about heroes this year!  Speaking of heroes, there's something very special going on in Charlotte, NC in a couple of weeks that I'd like to talk about for a moment if you'll just scroll down a bit...

For quite some time now, Chris Sparks over at Team Cup De Sac has been putting on an art auction at HeroesCon in Charlotte to help benefit the fight against Parkinson's disease in honor of his friend, the late Richard Thompson, the extraordinary cartoonist behind the brilliant comic strip, Cul de Sac.  Thompson was an incredible artist and writer and his series was hands down one of the all-time greats.  It broke my heart when he had to retire and stop the comic and it hurt even more when he succumbed to the illness several years back.  Since 2016, I've been donating art to the cause, though these last couple of years I couldn't get anything in because the auction and convention couldn't be held due to COVID.  Things are finally looking up now though, and the auction WILL happen on June 24th, so if you're gonna be in Charlotte and plan on attending, here's your chance to own a piece of original, CRAZY art!  All proceeds benefit Parkinson's research, so not only will you get a chance to take some CRAZY home with you, you will also get the satisfaction of saying that you helped deliver the final boot to the ass of Parkinson's disease once and for all!  Foe more info, click the link at the top of the paragraph!

And now, we hop from one coast to another as we prepare to head back to 2013 and visit a Comic Con from the not-too-distant past!  Yank the strap of your underoos off of your forehead and brace yourself!  The CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN is a go!  Enjoy... 

The Ice King saw all in this massive booth that Cartoon Network had set up in the exhibit hall with a photo op inside!  I went in and got my picture taken, but they never sent it to me.  Cheap bastards!

Was honored to be invited to take part in the Hero Initiative's Drink-N-Draw event that saw dozens of cartoonists add their characters to a giant wall.  And look who decided to hangout right next to Mike & Mindy: RAPHAEL!!!  When I went back later to see how the wall was coming, I got the surprise of a lifetime when I saw none other than Kevin Eastman himself had drawn his famed turtle next to my tiny tykes!  Was a very humbling moment for sure!

GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!  This year, some one needs to broaden things and do some VR Troopers cosplay!

The legendary and much missed Xbox Lounge.  This would be its last year at the Hard Rock before moving to the much larger, and more professional Manchester Grand Hyatt.  Although it wouldn't last, the move was definitely a huge upgrade.

The Ender's Game offsite!  I actually did get to take part in this one and it was pretty cool.  Have still never seen the movie and have no idea what it's about, but the offsite was fun at least!

Ad space is at a premium at SDCC, even the sidewalks can be bought and marketed!

Tin Fish Square is the site of two SDCC traditions: The NBC takeover and those jolly, fun-loving souls from a certain church reminding us about how immoral SDCC is while acting immoral themselves.

Es el Doctor Quien!

This is a pretty badass Loki cosplay!  Totally looks like him!

Some sweet family cosplay at the hotel tram stop!

Mega Books was always there for those who couldn't afford Legos!

See?  Darth Vader did do SOME honorable things after turning to the dark side.  Not many, but some!

These guys know where the Star Wars fan tables are!

We'll end this week with a bitchin' ride: A custom Wolverine street bike!  In addition to cosplay and swag, the streets of Downtown San Diego are also awesome spots to see some really slick vehicles during Comic Con!

And that was Comic Con 2013!  A fun year that once again ran the table for me as I set it up, went to it and took it down!  Lot's of cool things went down that year.  Hard to believe how long it's been already.  It was also among the first years I had both my brother's kids with me most of the time.  Not always easy to wrangle up two kids hawked up on sugar and toy lust, but I managed!  They'd only get wilder with age!

That's a wrap for this week but fear not!  We got a LOT of past SDCC fun surfacing in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!  Until next time, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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