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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


Welcome back patrons of the absurd, aka, my CRAZIES!!!  We've reached the end of August and are now no doubt starting to look forward to the Fall and its wonderful offerings, like the guest month coming for Bubble Fox!  We also are probably looking forward to cooler weather, and with cooler weather comes seasonal birds like penguins.  Wait, what?!?  Nope, that definitely says "penguins" a few words back.  Guess we better continue then.  Enjoy...

Penguins.  Is there anything more insanely adorable?  What's that? A mouse sleeping on top of a kitten sleeping on top of a puppy sleeping on top of a toddler?!?  Okay readers, you win this round, but penguins are inherently cute animals!  And Pinch Punch Post selected them as yet another theme back in early 2016.  Pinch Punch Post really dominated the scene this month and each piece was a blast.  Aside from being cute, penguins are naturally cartoony critters and a lotta fun to draw!  I drew some inspiration from the Muppets here as their penguins often made a nondescript *Wak* noise instead of using words as other Muppets do.  If I could afford the refrigeration costs, I'd totally keep penguins as pets!

That's a wrap for August CRAZIES!  Another summer has come and gone and boy was this one fun!  Between The Del Mar Fair, Comic Con and some theme park runs, I don't think I've had this much fun during the summer since my senior year of high school!  We'll have to make the coming fall even more fun, and an easy start to that would be with even more art!  So stay "Tooned" for next week!  Same CRAZY time, same CRAZY blog!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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