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Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Remember that something special I promised last week?  Well here it is!  Felt crafter Michelle Miller of Run Red Run Needle Felted Collectibles recently made these awesome felt dolls of everybody's favorite terrible twosome, Mike and Mindy!  I gotta say, she really nailed their look in 3D and here I am, a month later and STIIL speechless at their awesomeness!  Perhaps it's best to let the pictures do the talking for now...

These two have always been rivals, let the stare-down commence! 

Love conquers all, and the pair decided to take a nice stroll instead! 

Tucked away and ready for shipping! 

As an added bonus, they even got to have a play date with everyone's favorite Sasquatch, Bigfoot!  

I'll tell ya, getting these dolls was a thrill enough, but then having them chill with Vince Dorse and his beloved Bigfoot and Scout was an even bigger thrill!  And then came another surprise: Vince made this mock comic book cover with all these pals having an adventure together!  Vince, you really made my day when I saw this, thanks so much and thanks for making web comics proud!  You're a credit to our branch!  To see more of Vince's awesome Ruben Award-winning work, click here!

Folks, in the world of crafting, Michelle Miller is without question a bright star!  Her magic hands have crafted wonders not only for me and Vince, but many others as well.  From Sesame Street's Grover to Rich Clabaugh's Graveyard Gang, she's dazzled many with her needle felted figurines.  When we first started on this last summer, it was a tough process.  I rarely drew M&M from the front or sides and there was legit concerns Mike's spiky hair may not work!  But Michelle's skill won out and now I have two masterpieces sitting on my mantle!  Thanks again Michelle!  Thank you for helping my "Kids" get real!  If any of you want your own needle felted dolls, click here!  Get yours made by the best!

And lastly, I got one other bit of news.  Remember last month when I announced I'd put my Luchadore Masks on display at the San Diego County Fair?  Well...

I WON A RIBBON!!!  Yup!  My collection got second place in the Home and Hobby Collections!  Not bad for a first effort, eh?  First would've been nice, but you know?  Winning ain't everything.  I'm happy to have placed and hope to take part again next year!  Thanks to all who came to the fair to see my display!

Well, that's all for July!  We'll kick off August on the right foot with a HUGE update from Comic Con 2015!  I know I promised these pics a while ago, so I promise to make them worth it!  We'll also have some new art and new memories so be sure to come back.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!