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Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Yeppers folks!  It's Nerd Christmas time again!  And earlier than usual!  I totally forgot that SDCC is two weeks earlier this year and as a result, forgot to start posting past con pics two weeks ago.  So to make up for it, this week and next, I'll be posting EXTRA con pics to get us up to speed!  Pretty cool, eh?  But first, we gotta celebrate our nation's birthday, so here's some more art penciled last year inked for this year!  Enjoy...

It's Uncle Slam y'all!  And he's here to kick some ass!  This theme came from Sketch Dailies who wanted all of us to get patriotic for the 4th Of July!  I decided to update him a bit for modern audiences, just like Michael Bay, but with less explosions, product placements and ruined childhoods!  I also not-so-subtly paid tribute the late great Ultimate Warrior with this piece.  Over the years I poked a lot of fun at the Warrior on this blog.  It was never my intent to mean and hope the lightheartedness came across in those posts.  He was a character in every sense of the word and while yes, he could be controversial, he was still a person and he did make a difference in this world and I'll always be a fan.

And now, it's time for a blast to the past!  Well, 2013 anyway.  On to Comic Con...

 First up, gender-swap Hellboy, er, Hellgirl!  Don't know how she kept the makeup from melting off but she looked awesome!

 Hey!  It's gender-swap High Five Ghost!  Where's Muscleman and Starla?
Why hasn't this team up happened in comics yet? 

 The Ice King stood tall over the Cartoon Network booth in 2013!

Every year at Con, our jolly pals from a certain church show up to preach their ways upon us.  Luckily, some pals from a more progressive church also happen to stand by. 

 Here's yours truly showing off another one of my prized Ultimo Dragon masks!  Poor Mega Bloks.  You'll always be the Pinwheel to Lego's Sesame Street!

At the annual free Nintendo Pavilion, 2013 marked the "Year Of Luigi" for Nintendo.  Much has been said about the Wii U not selling so well.  If you're gonna launch a new console that really isn't much of an improvement over the previous one (itself a gaming benchmark), you should probably use your MAIN STAR as the focal point and NOT his tagalong brother!  There's a reason Mickey Mouse is the figure head of Disney and not Bonkers!  With that said, the Nintendo Pavilion is always a blast to go to!  Great swag!  

Master Yoda was kind enough to loan me some lunch money during the Con.  Generous, he is. 

 The Ghost with the most babe!

Roronoa Zoro and his three blades.  Would you screw with him? 


Oh yeah!  The Sharknado was there! 

 What the hell?!  Barney cosplay?!  That had to be a first!

And we end on Maleficent!  Somehow, I doubt magic and sorcery will get her into Hall H!

OK, that's all for this week.  But never fear!  Next week will feature even MORE Comic Con fun including info on the annual Web Comic Meet-Up hosted by myself and Jimmy Purcell!  In fact, I'll be posting two days early even, so stay "Tooned!"  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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