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Monday, July 6, 2015


WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  IT'S HERE!!! COMIC CON IS HERE!!!  Sorry folks, but I'm just really excited for this week!  Not excited about the Hall H chaos, but I'll be avoiding that hornets nest altogether.  Scratch that.  Even hornets are more reasonable than a Hall H crowd!  Point is, I'll be enjoying the finer parts of Comic Con.  You know, the actual COMIC part of it before Hollywood put its finger into things.  But enough of that for now.  First up, heres a pug...

 This simple little sketch was a Sketch Dailies theme if memory serves.  They wanted a pug, so I gave them one!  I do love a good pug!  Such spazzy little dogs.  Perfect breed for cartoons!

And now, on with the show!  Comic Con 2014!  Here we come...

Did they already kill Kenny? 

 Two things that are cool about this:  First time I've ever seen The Shining cosplay at a con, and the dude in the dress is my pal Jeremy!  Worked with him for years and he and his wife are HUGE SciFi junkies!  They had a horror-themed wedding even!

It's Balrog!  One of Street Fighter's most underrated characters!  True story, he was always the character I'd use!

Oh my glob!  It's a Jake cube!  Loved taking part in all the Adventure Time quests they've been doing the last few years!  Hopefully they'll do another one this year! 

If only the movie had shown this much of Godzilla in it!  Still pissed about that crapfest!

Anyone else up of some Dance Magic? 

Damn!  Didn't realize how hard times have actually gotten! 

The mesh face is a hoot but still some awesome Beetlejuice cosplay! 

Where are the Horsemen?  Where is Sting?  Ted Turner still owes me money from Capital Combat '90! 

For those who couldn't get badges, there is still fun to be had at Comic Con, for FREE no less!  The Petco Park parking lot is turned into its own Mini Comic Con that, quite frankly, has proven to be WAY more fun and have cooler swag even! 

Sadly, not all of the offsite activities are free, but by and large most are.  Microsoft's Xbox Lounge does require a badge, but did have some free photo ops outside!  On this inside, my pal Riki actually won a free XboxOne… His SECOND free XboxOne!  Some dudes have all the luck! 



Did I mention how cool some of the outdoor stuff is at Comic Con?  Because it is!  And it's free! 

And finally, Magic Man!  That guy's kind of a jerk!

And so we come to another Comic Con!  2015's edition should be one for the ages and hopefully all will have a fun and safe time.  There are many events going on Downtown.  One such event will be The Third Annual Web Comic Meet-Up!

For several years now, me and cartoonist Jimmy Purcell (Been Better, Book Of Red) have gathered with fellow web tooners and fans alike to share some laughs and food on the first night of Comic Con and this year will be no different!  If you wanna join in, we'll be at the Dublin Square Pub Thursday night between 6-8pm!  For info, check out the event page here!  Hope to see y'all there!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next time with a small update because, well, I cue these up in advance and won't have Con pics to share!  Until then, take care, be safe and courteous to others at Comic Con and have a great time!  Oh, and take showers!  It won't kill you to miss an hour each day!  I'll catch y'all next time!

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