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Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Can't believe it's been almost a month since SDCC15 already!  It was an insane ten days for me (I had to set it up and take it down too), but man was it wild, as Comic Con usually is.  So many great costumes and moments at this year's show…  How can I possibly summarize it right now?!  Whoa Jon!  Slow down a minute.  Post some slug art first.  That'll give your brain a chance to recalibrate and make a proper review here!

Sorry about that folks, but my brain is right!  Enjoy this polished art while the main course gets prepped!

This art was from a Daily Doodle entry that asked us to draw a slug.  I've always found slugs and snails to be misunderstood critters.  Sure they eat plants, but they aren't really harmful to humans and are also quite gentle.  What's not to love about them?  Plus they got cool eyes and eat weeds in addition to other plants!  And this one is affectionate towards leaves!  Honestly now, how can slugs and snails be bad?

OK, now that that's been taken care of, it's time to get to the main event!  You wanted it, you're getting it!  I present to you San Diego Comic Con 2015!  Enjoy...

The Sharknado crew was out in full force in the Gaslamp Quarter giving away some of the most coveted swag of the con…  To folks that didn't even have tickets! 

Lot's of great free attractions were happening across the street, like the Assassin's Creed Obstacle Course.  I did not try this one.  My body's banged up enough as it is! 

The Peanuts Experience at the Petco Park Interactive Zone was great!  The whole area in general was to be honest!  Best part?  It was free for all!  (You may be noticing a trend here) 

Ooogie Boogie was chilling on the streets of Downtown San Diego.   

As was a Skesis!  Lord only knows how hot it was inside that suit, but it was insanely detailed and fully functional! 

Don't give this kid any gold coins! 

 I'm not sure what game/show/comic this is from, but it was pretty cool!

That raptor really doest take kindly to this dude peeing on its tree! 

Nanoo nanoo, it's a sweet tribute Mork and Robin Williams! 

Couldn't get into the main Masquerade Ball at SDCC?  No problem!  The Petco Park Interactive Zone held an impromptu costume contest at their shindig!

 Pretty cool Dragonball Z Cosplay group!  Watch out for Cell though.  It's been known to be quite combustible! 

 It's Wilfred!

 And Buddy the Elf!  Say it with me folks: "They best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing real loud for all to hear!"  God I love that movie!

 My niece Kristen got to meet her favorite heroine, Star from Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil!

 Adam and Barbera got interviewed by San Diego's lowest rated morning news program!

Who ya gonna call?  The REAL Ghostbusters!

 Wow!  Just, wow!  How did this guy even see in that thing?  Let alone not suffer a heat stroke?  Truly amazing work on this costume!

 Nerd HQ at the Children's Museum was another pretty cool FREE alternative for folks who couldn't get tickets for SDCC!  Lots of awesome freebies and activities, including the Playstation lounge and delicious food trucks!

 Look who I got to meet!  La Bomba from Conan!  He was so cool!  A real down to earth dude!

And finally, who better to finish out the Comic Con madness with than Joel Robinson and Torgo?!  It's insane how popular Manos The Hands Of Fate is now!  Almost every year since 2008, at least one guy has come to Con as Torgo!

Comic Con was a time and a half for sure!  Had a good time catching up with old pals while making new ones, not to mention seeing all the sights and sounds.  It's still a huge affair, but crowd control's gotten much better in recent years.  I think the organizers finally found a way to balance things out.  Not to mention there's so much off-site stuff happening now that it's helping to draw crowds away from the main show.  Hopefully in the coming years it''ll be done in such a way that all can enjoy it again without the fear of the show selling out.  Here's hoping and that SDCC16 will be even more fun!

Well folks, that's all for now.  I'll be back next week with some art that is "Royally" fun.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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