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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It's time for another Guest Strip as the CRAZYVERSARY continues!  This time, Jamie Cosley of Cody The Cavalier is on deck and ready to take a swing!  And boy does he!

My goodness!  That's two and a row now where the notoriously silent duo have broken out in speech!  Who knew they had it in them?  They're even ready to ROCK at this point!  Mike does know how to wail on a guitar though!  And we ALL know that Mindy can cut a rug!

Jamie is another good friend that I met through Twitter and asked me to do a Cody Guest Spot (See it here!) a couple of months ago.  Actually, he asked me even longer than that, but busy times prevented me from doing it in a timely manner.  Luckily, Jamie's a patient dude and understood the situation!  His Cody The Cavalier comic really is one of the most charming on the web and has some absolutely beautiful artwork.  Well worth reading.

And so wraps another day of the CRAZYVERSARY!  We got some more Fan Art coming tomorrow from a special gal who's done a lot to bring in some money for St. Jude's Hospitals, so stay 'tooned!  Until then, catch y'all tomorrow!

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