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Thursday, February 14, 2013


Today is Valentines Day!  And what better way to celebrate than with some hearts and a cute girl!  Michelle Hernandez is back and decided to give Mindy a little bit of "Flash" in this Fan Art!  Enjoy!

 That Mindy!  She sure got into the Holiday spirit there!  Who knew she could be so festive?  If anybody needs a heart transplant, hit up Mindy!  She's got plenty to spare!

Mindy's frilly bloomers have often been a source of ridicule here in the CRAZYVERSE, mostly being played for laughs.  In an odd way though, those bloomers really have become a part of her personality, as much as her frilly socks and pink bow.  Recently, I've been getting complaints from female readers, not because Mindy's bloomers are shown from time to time.  Nope, the complaints resulted because of her bloomers' lack of variety!  I tell ya, that's gotta be a first in comics!  

Anyway, I told Michelle about it and she suggested giving Mindy a "Fresh Pair" every month, to show everybody that this gal rolls in style!  And so I make this vow that each month this year, with Michelle's help, Mindy will sport a new pair of bloomers and add some variety to her life!  Is everybody happy now?

And since we missed a month on this new endeavor, it's time to play catch-up!  So here they are: Mindy's New Years bloomers! 

Gotta love them fireworks!  When my cousin Rachel was really little, this mishap happened quite frequently! The goofy kid just never could get it right, but she provided plenty of entertainment for the rest of us!

Alright folks, that's all for today.  Thanks again to the lovely Michelle Hernandez for giving me not one, but two great M&M masterpieces!  I really love working with her and her "Blooming" personality!  Tomorrow wraps another week of the CRAZYVERSARY, so stay 'tooned!

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