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Thursday, February 28, 2013


*Sigh* It is with heavy heart that we now extinguish the flame of the celebration we call the CRAZYVERSARY.  After a month of totally amazing and hilarious Guest Strips and Fan Art, it's time to move on to other things and return to the regularly scheduled CRAZY!!!

But never fear!  There's still two great pieces of Fan Art here to help round out the closing ceremonies! Things looked bleak yesterday as it seemed the CRAZYVERSARY might have to end a day early as I was a piece short of being able to finish.  Then last night, I found these two surprises in my e-mail!  Thank you so much Robert Deans and Bob Glasscock!  You guys saved the everything!

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to this blog!  Robert Deans of Crass Fed Comic sent in this hilarious Fan Art depicting the true nature of Mike and Mindy's relationship!  This is Rob's second contribution to the CRAZYVERSARY as he did an equally funny piece two weeks ago that depicted Mike attempting to try out an ACME Batman suit!  His recovery was amazingly quick!  Thanks again Rob! 

Next up, this piece by Bob Glasscock, artist and writer behind the Web Comic Casey The At Bat.  As you can all see, Mike and Mindy can be quite affectionate when they want to be.  Bob obviously did his homework here, working Mindy's famed bloomers into the pic!  But the best part, hands down, is the inclusion of the Dancing Asparagus!  He always makes things more fun!  I didn't even know he could stand still that long! Bob, you accomplished quite a feat here.  Thanks again dude!

And that's it folks!  The CRAZYVERSARY is now complete!  Thank you so much Warren Frantz, Nathan Viney, Jamie Cosley, Chandra Conner,  Kim Belding, Tim Green, Robert Deans, Michelle Hernandez, Josh Hauke, Simon McLaren, Jesse Hughes, Matt Gross, jACKEt, Harry Rickard, Austin Verburg, Corey Davies, Ryan VanMeter and Bob Glasscock!  You guys are so damn awesome and amazing!  And an even bigger thanks to all the CRAZY fans out there for your continued support and readership!  Mere words aren't enough to convey just how much I love and respect all of you!

The CRAZYVERSARY may now be over, but for anybody willing, I'm ALWAYS happy to receive Fan Art!  Trust me people, it makes any artists day to see someone draw their characters!  For those interested, simply draw your Mike and Mindy Fan Art and send it to: 

Remember to put "M&M Fan Art" in the subject box so I'll know it's not spam and ALWAYS keep it family friendly!  I don't mind a little bit of edge but nothing indecent or adult in nature.  All Fan Art that meets these guidelines WILL be posted!

Anyway, that's a wrap!  We'll be back next time with a BRAND NEW Mike and Mindy that's fully "Loaded" and "Aiming" for laughs!  Until then, thank you all again in sharing with me the joy that was the CRAZYVERSARY!  Take care, and I'll catch y'all later!

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