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Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Welcome back!  We are more than halfway through the first month of the year and I sincerely hope that all of you are staying safe and finding ways to keep busy during these trying times.  Outside of comics and illustration, I've actually been branching out into more dimensional art, including masks and puppets and am even working on a kitbashed model!  Depending on how these things come out, I might even share them in an eventual blog post!  Until then, we're still on an art kick here, and what I'm about to drop is pretty darn funny!  What am I talking about?  Scroll drown and see!  Enjoy...

Many have wondered what caused Humpty Dumpty's great fall.  Some have even wondered why the king's horses and men couldn't put him back together again?  Me personally, I always wondered what was so important about Humpty Dumpty in the first place that it would necessitate royal intervention in his rescue?  And further more, what help could hoofed animals like horses actually provide in piecing him back?!?  I have no answers to the latter questions but I can confirm what caused his fall: He was drunk off his rocker!  Factor in his rounded, solid posterior and the flat surface he was sitting on... It's a recipe for tragedy.  This was one of my favorites to work on during this round of Animal Alphabets.  Many wanted me to do a CRAZY version of the Humpty Dumpty tragedy after I posted this and, admittedly, I have been thinking about doing a graphic novel collection of fairytales.  Gotta love public domain, eh?  Perhaps that's something I'll work on in the coming year! 

That's all for now folks.  Be sure to come back next week as we end January with some big laughs wrapped up in a small package!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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