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Wednesday, September 11, 2019


And we're back!  Moving along here, we are now into week two of September and with any luck, I'm already putting the final touches on my Halloween builds and getting ready to set up my yard, though given past history, I'm probably way the hell behind on things and now trying to juggle 15 tasks at once.  Maybe this'll be the year it's only ten tasks?  We shall see.  Anyway, you came for some arts, and I happen to have some!  Enjoy...

Hey hey!  It's Mr. Tumnus!  Narnia's nicest albeit somewhat creepiest resident!  Animal Alphabets strikes again here.  The theme was a faun, so I went with the one most people are familiar with.  Not sure if James McAvoy looks back on this role with fondness, but I'd like to think he does.  He's done many big things since.  Narnia was a stepping stone of sorts.  Now that Disney inadvertently has the film rights to Narnia again, part of me wonders if they'll continue the series or just start again from scratch.  The original films weren't bad, but there was room for improvement.  I will always be of the opinion that the rhino should've mashed more fools than he did when he charged into the White Witch's army!  Only time will tell I suppose.

And that's that!  But fear not!  Another post is coming next week!  And I think you all will find it quite uplifting!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later! 

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