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Wednesday, March 6, 2019


YES!!!  YES!!!  YES!!!  March is here!  And with it, some "Wonderful" news:  WonderCon 2019 is four weeks away!  And to celebrate, the art's taking a break so that the past con Pics can come out and say hi!  So let's jump to it and get going with a new post taking us back to WonderCon 2013!  Anaheim, here we come!  Enjoy...

So nice of Boba Fett and this Stormtrooper to give this lady directions to the Hilton food court.

Humans in disguise?!? 

Looks like Snow White was bit by a zombie unicorn! 

I've said it many times: The family that cosplays together stays together! 

Iron Man and Spider-Man share a moment a full three years before Sony's freakout that allowed Disney to use the famed web-slinger in the MCU! 

Nobody wanted to solve this guy! 

Little Known Facts: The X-Men regularly hang out in the Fire Nation!

Aquaman has a LOT to be happy about these days! 

There's something quite clockwork about this presentation! 

What a smug Dick... Tracy!  I kid!  I kid! 

Always a joy when the Futurama crew stop by my table! 

It just ain't a Con without at least five Qailmen walking the floor! 

Even residents of Middle Earth get thirsty, Especially Sauron!  You know how hot Mordor is?!? 

And we end Week 1 with my good pal, Matt Eargle, demoing the remastered Ducktales game.  I swear, us 80's kids were dancing in our Airwalks and Jams when the news of this game went public!

And there you have it!  Not a lot to talk about from this one as I was largely behind the table that year.  I had a good spot though, so LOTS of cool costumes paraded my way all weekend long!  I do apologize for the fuzziness of these photos.  My camera ain't the greatest and seems to only wanna work when IT wants to.  This will also likely be the last time I post pics from 2013.  Just plain starting to run out!

Well, that's a wrap for this week.  Hopefully I'll be back next time with some fun pics from WonderCon 2014!  My laptop recently bit the big one and I can't replace it just yet, so posting could be sparse in the coming weeks.  Y'all might wanna keep an eye on my Twitter feed (@JonsCrazyTweets) for news and updates.  Until next time, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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