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Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Something truly amazing happened to me back in February.  It's no real secret I guess that life in recent months hasn't been as great as it could be in the World of CRAZY.  Some days, things were just eating at me something fierce.  My dear pal, Kim Belding, is often the one I talk to when I'm feeling low, and he always manages to lift my spirits.  Never did I imagine he had more than just some kind words planned for me one particular day!  It started innocently enough one night as I began getting fan art Tweeted into my timeline.  By the next day, I'd gotten so many tweets, it literally crashed my app!  I'm still blown away by the gesture that so many pals were willing to take the time to draw my characters in their amazing styles!  Mere words aren't enough to express my gratitude, so I thought I'd just take some time to showcase their work here!  I won't do any running commentary.  Just look and experience the same pure joy and amazement that I got out of these wonderful pieces of art.  Enjoy...

 Aaron Stines

Alison Rasmussen

Amanda El-Dweek

 Andrew Fraser

Anthony Moorin

Ben Starzec

Charles Brubaker

Chris Gobbet

Crispin Wood

Dana Atnip

Ian Martin

David Buist

Debbie Perry

Donna McKay

Eline Wagemaker

Esa Holopainen

Fox Layng

Geoff Smith

Howard Stacy

James Boyd

 James Point Du Jour

 Jerry Brown

 Joe Flanders

Jordan Smith

This is only half of what I got!  Next week, we'll see the rest of the wonderful fan art I got from so many amazing pals in the world of comics!  I again give mad thanks to Kim Belding for organizing this wonderful day and Chris Gobbet for promoting it and rounding up the troops!  You guys are the best!  Anyhoo, we'll be back next week for a CRAZY April sendoff on my birthday no less!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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  1. Well, we love you bud. You are always supporting the work of others. You deserve to feel that kindness returned. ��