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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


FINALLY!!!  My WonderCon 2018 review is finally here!  And only a mere three weeks AFTER WonderCon actually happened!  It was a very wild week folks.  Had a lotta fun with friends and fans alike!  But enough teasing.  Y'all have waited a long time for this, so here we go!  Enjoy...

Glad to see they had the right briefcase this time!

For the first time ever, Ferngully cosplay!

After years of successful offsites at cons such as San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon in Atlanta, WonderCon decided to offer some free fun to those without badges as well as AMC TV offered a sneak peek at their show, The Terror.  And it was great!  Or at least, it would've been had AMC talked with Convention Center security about badge perimeters!  Since it was set within an area of the Center's promenade where only badge holders had access, only con attendees could experience it, despite being advertised as being open to EVERYONE.  Oh well, maybe next year they can work things out.  And for those who're bummed they didn't get to experience it, just put on Titanic and have a friend shower you with soap foam.  Pretty much the same thing!

Beetlejuice and Lydia!  One of MANY I saw over the weekend!  These two were particularly fun in that they told me to keep an eye out for their Saturday cosplay.  What did they have in store?  Well...

Oh yeah!  Barb and Adam!  These two totally killed it at WonderCon!  It was great to see Beetlejuice get so much love given that 2018 marks its 30th anniversary.  I guess a lot of cosplayers felt the same way.  Beetlejuice and Lydia were easily the most popular cosplay of WonderCon 2018!

I often wonder how many Waldo cosplayers walk into cons thinking they'll be the only ones there dressed as Waldo?

Another con first!  Clueless cosplay!  Everything's got a fandom these days!

The Undertaker!  This dude was huge too!  Easily 6'10"!  Always stoked to see some wrestling cosplay, and there was quite a bit of it this year as you'll see later!

This big dog was a real loverbug!  And a giant!  It was a pitbull-St. Bernard mix!

It's Stone Trek!  Totally dig the caveman phaser!


These dude were totally excellent to each other!

The modern stone age family!  The Flintstones was my dad's favorite cartoon, so it was particularly special to me to see Fred and pals at WonderCon.


The Master would approve!

One Jareth and Toby was pretty cool...

But TWO Jareths and Tobys?  Talk about wild odds?!?  And no, this wasn't planned!  These two didn't even know each other!  Great minds, eh?

Gruffi and Sunny Gummi were bouncing here and there and everywhere after I recognized them!  They even gave me some Gummy Bears for knowing!

Freakazoid and The Mask dance to the Rumba Beat in another one of those right-place-at-the-right-time kind of moments that only seem to happen at cons.  These guys didn't know each other, but when they spotted each other, they busted into an impromptu dance number!  It was great!

We end with some Rick & Morty fans showing their love to the show that brought Szechuan Sauce back!  Tiny Rick approves!

And that was that!  Let me say this was an insanely hard post to do.  I took over 200 pictures at WonderCon last month, so whittling it down to a mere 21 pics for this post wasn't easy.  Luckily, I got at least 12 more years of posts out of this, so they'll all be seen eventually.  It was a great time for all and I probably made more impulse purchases than I've ever made at any other con, even SDCC!  'Course, my pal Matt easily topped any of my purchases, but that's his story to tell!  It was great to walk around, see some booths and catch up with many pals.  I just wish it hadn't passed by so fast.  But hey, we're less than a year away from WonderCon 2019!  I'm already prepping!

And that's a wrap on all things WonderCon this year!  Hope y'all enjoyed delving into the CRAZY past for a few weeks.  For those of you that love the con pics and are sad to see them go, fear not.  My SDCC coverage begins in June!  So brace yourselves!  Next week will see the start of a very special double post that came about after some dear pals decided to cheer me up one day, so be sure to come on back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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