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Wednesday, June 7, 2017


As spring turns to summer in San Diego, and the hot winds roll in, they bring with them spirit of hope, the spirit of bravery and the spirit of fun.  Yes, my CRAZIES, it is THAT time of year again.  COMIC CON IS COMING!!!  And this year, we here at the CRAZYVERSE are trying something a little different.  Instead of just a few weeks devoted to the event leading into it, we're devoting two whole months to the inspired insanity that is San Diego Comic Con!  So grab a Mountain Dew, put on a clean pair of Spider-man underoos and grab a chair, because the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN is a go!

But first, I have a little something to talk about that's going on at another con next week.  Something that could help a lot of people.

As many of you know, I was a huge fan of the comic strip Cul De Sac by the late Richard Thompson.  It was a very sweet little comic that was also hysterically funny and a pleasure to read.  Sadly, Mr. Thompson suffered from Parkinson's Disease and fell to the illness last summer.  For the last few years, his friend, Chris Sparks, has held a charity art auction at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC in an effort to raise money for research on a cure.  I wanna see this awful disease go away as badly as anyone and so I present to you all this piece for the auction!  In it, Alice and her big brother Petey watch as giant versions of the her class pets Mr. Danders, the guinea pig and the usurping Hermit Crab battle it out Kaiju-style!  I had a lot of fun working on this one as the Petey's love of monster movies and the bickering of the class pets were two of my favorite tropes of from the strip!  For any of you CRAZIES going to Heroes Con from June 16-18, it'll be up for auction!  Be sure to bid on it and the many other great art pieces that will be up for sale!  Help give Parkinson's Disease a knockout punch and let the legacy of Richard Thompson live on!  For more info, check out the Team Cul De Sac blog!

And now, on with the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN!!!  We set the Wayback Machine all the way back to 2009, my first Comic Con after college!  Anyway, enjoy...

Count Dracula and Rob Zombie go way back!

That was me seven years and roughly 40 pounds ago happily sandwiched between two green women!  It was so hot in the exhibit hall that weekend that their makeup was melting!

I think Angelina Jolie agrees with this sentiment!
The Black Hole, Disney's misguided attempt at doing a scary Sci-Fi movie.  It has it's moments, but it made the mistake of coming out right after Star Wars and Alien which raised the genre to unheard of levels in the public eye!  It also didn't help that the predecessors had far better special effects which is pretty amazing considering that both films were low budget while Disney spared no expense with its production.  Quality should always win out over quantity.  I'll say this for The Black Hole; it does feature some of the most gruesome death scenes ever for a Disney movie!

Captain Jack has a way with the ladies!

Would a group of Predators be called a herd, a gaggle or a collective?

Nice to see Wario behaving for a change!

Mad props for doing Planet of the Apes cosplay!  Lord only knows how hot those suits must have been!

The franchise killer.  At least the poster looked cool.

Castle Grey Skull...  Someday, I will have a mansion and it will look just like this!

Harley and Ivy...  Heaven help us!

My pal Riki Medina (Max Sterling for all the gamers out there) chilling with a Sailor Scout.  It ain't Comic Con without a Sailor Scout!

Sorry Thor.  I haven't seen any Frost Giants lately!

Bounty Hunters!  We really do need that scum at the show!

And that was Comic Con 2009!  Honestly, the show is kinda fuzzy now as far as memories go.  I remember it being the first time I actually had money to spend at the show.  I had just graduated from college and as a result, could work instead of dealing with Summer School.  I honestly don't know how I pulled it off all those other years being flat broke, but I did!

And so ends week one of the countdown!  We got eight more to go so get comfortable as we'll return next week with a look at 2010's show!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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