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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


We've come to it at last, the end of the Yellow Brick Road and, coincidentally, the month of May.  But we can't end our trip to Oz without visiting Dorothy now, can we?  Of course not!  So let's dive in and see how traumatized this poor kid is after going through all that!  Enjoy...

As I mentioned last week, I think Dorothy should've figured out a bit sooner that the Wizard was a fraud!  Then again, he had the entire world convinced he was a powerful sorcerer through nothing more than smoke and mirrors.  Maybe the Wizard was smarter than he let on to?  Either way, Dorothy was probably better off not going with him, given his track record.  Frankly, she should've been even more pissed after learning Glinda could've sent her home right from the start as opposed to sending her on a trip through a dangerous forest with three complete strangers while a psychotic witch tried to kill her over a pair of shoes.  Surely there are easier ways to teach kids that a boring home life isn't so bad?

And that's a wrap on our stroll through the Marvelous Land of Oz!  Sure hope y'all enjoyed this CRAZY take on these beloved figures of literature!  Come back next week as we take another break from art for something VERY special!  What is it you may be asking?  Oh, only the kickoff to the CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN!!!  Nine weeks straight of past fun at the best show on Earth!  So be sure to come back!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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