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Wednesday, November 24, 2021


We've come to it at last: THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!  I've written this weeks ahead of today's actual posting, but I know I'm excited as all get out!  Aside from my favorite holiday being tomorrow, I know that I'll also be somewhat busy setting up Comic Con Special Edition, which begins Friday!  It's scaled back compared to the regular summer show, so I probably won't get the hours I usually do setting it up, but it should still be enough that I can actually not sweat the December slowdown that's coming.  Hopefully I also won't be dragging my feet on the art front like I have the last two months and have everything queued already by the time this actually posts!  But enough about that.  Bubble and pals bloated into grotesque parade balloons isn't enough to satisfy your artistic needs today.  Y'all crave substance too, and I am gonna deliver!  So scroll down and see if Tom Turkey managed to pull off another victory this year!  Enjoy...

That wily bird always manages to stay a few steps ahead!  Billy and Dorothy might wanna switch to ham next year.  Ol' Tom Turkey clearly has their number!  But the Brat Twins and common sense are like oil and water.  After they get out of that mud and clean up, they'll likely got right back to scheming on ways to get that turkey in their bellies!  What does the future hold?  You'll have to come back next November and see!

That's a wrap on November of 2021!  But don't feel too sad.  We're kicking off our Christmas fun next week!  Is there really any better way to literally start the first day of December?  Of course not!  So come back and let the holly jolly begin!  As I've said in recent recent weeks, plenty of donation centers are open now and all looking for donations for those in need, so please help if you can!  For those heading out for Black Friday shopping, please be safe and courteous.  After more than a year of being cooped up indoors, people are more on edge than ever, so please let kindness reign supreme this weekend.  I would urge the same for those attending CCSE this weekend.  It's a smaller show and, as of this writing, isn't even sold out yet, so everybody should have plenty of elbow room this time around.  And even if we don't, just be patient and understanding and follow safety protocols.  There's no reason why can't have a fun and safe time at all functions this weekend.  Until next time, take care, stay safe, have a VERY Happy Thanksgiving and I'll catch y'all later!

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