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Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Halfway through August CRAZIES!!!  I know it sounds like a bummer, but summer vacation's kinda pointless when you don't go to school and have a job with flexible hours, but enough about that!  Time to BLAART!!!  Excuse me, there seems to be some interference.  It's time to BLAAAAAAAART!!!  What the?!?  Who or what keeps taking over my keyboard?!?  Scroll down and find out!  Enjoy...

Uh oh!  It would seem that one of the Goblins from Dana Simpson's Phoebe And Her Unicorn has escaped and is jumping comics pages again!  One of the sweetest and funniest comics in the funny pages today,  Phoebe is the brainchild of cartoonist and illustrator Dana Simpson.  A silly tale about a little girl who happens upon a unicorn after a rock skipping accident, Phoebe and her unicorn, Marigold Heavenly Nostrils, go on all sorts of fun adventures and encounter a whole host of wacky characters, from a candy-barfing dragon to a sphinx that decides to guard Phoebe's door to selfish unicorns that inflate themselves with helium in an effort to rise up to the sky and hog the sun for themselves!  Phoebe and Marigold meet all types, including goblins, who in this universe are depicted as impish, gremlin-like creatures that cause all sorts of mischief and are only capable of speaking in BLAARTS!!!  I'm not fluent in it myself, but BLAART is now a part of the comics lexicon, and that truly is a great gift that Dana's given to us, among many others!

That's all for this week.  We'll be back next time to end August on a high note with a possible kazoo solo or two!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later! 

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