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Wednesday, November 27, 2019


THE DAY HAS COME!!!  Well, tomorrow anyway, but I can guarantee that right now I'm making my stuffing and will already have my pecan pie made for tomorrow.  It's a cramped kitchen, so some things have to be made, and scheduled, well in advance at CRAZY HQ.  Speaking of cramps, I'm sure the Brat Twins are feeling some right now.  Hard not to when you have about 50 cubic yards of helium pumped into you!

Tom Turkey's escape this year has been an epic one!  He went from sure capture to calm stalling to turning Dorothy and Billy into living blimps in an effort to be "Help" them hold more food!  As always, Tom is trying to think several steps ahead.  Usually he's having to keep an eye behind him, but on this day, his eyes turn to the skies.  Did Tommy's plan work?  You'll see very soon!  Enjoy...

And they're off!  And because these kids are dumber than a brick, they'll probably follow Tom's suggestion and keep the tape on until January; AFTER turkey season has long passed!  It seems Ol' Tom Turkey saved his neck again and found his laughing place, because he's off the menu and Dorothy and Billy are full of hot air!  His trickery has literally reached new heights!  Congrats Tom Turkey.  You got away again thanks to a "Swell" idea!

And that's a wrap on November and this terribly tricky tale!  I hope you all enjoyed it.  I was having so much fun with the art on this one, I've decided to make a whole picture book out of it with added gags and background!  Obviously, it won't be out for a while, but I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!  Next week, a new month starts and it's gonna be very merry!  So be sure to come back!  And as it is now the holiday season, I want to take this time to urge you, dear readers, to think of others at this time of year.  Food, toy and clothing donations are largely open now and it doesn't take much to make a big difference.  Take care and Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a fun and safe day with your loved ones.  Until next time, catch y'all later!

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