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Wednesday, May 1, 2019


And we are FINALLY back...  For now!  As previously mentioned, I've been having all sorts of computer issues lately, so updates sadly had to stop as a result.  It's been jolting to say the least.  Since I started doing this blog, I'd never missed a single post until last month, but it just couldn't be helped.  But I'm here now, and I see no reason to hold off on this any further, so here it is:  WonderCon 2019 is a go!  Enjoy...

Ferngully cosplay isn't very common, but as you all know, I love the offbeat stuff!

A Baseball Fury!  Just in time for The Warriors 40th anniversary!  Last year saw a huge group photo recreating the movie's iconic poster at New York Comic Con, so it was cool to see some of that spillover to the West Coast!

"This is the story all about how
My life got flipped,
Turned upside down..."

I Dream Of Genie cosplay?!?  At this point, I've seen cosplayers doing this, Gilligan's Island, Small Wonder and Mork & Mindy.  And yet nobody ever does ALF

This Gilderoy Lockhart cosplay was already amazingly spot-on... 

...But to include his book with the living-portrait front cover made it all the more incredible!  

OOOOOOOH YES!!!  The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are in the house! 

There's always a first time for everything at WonderCon, and this year was no exception.  For the first time ever, here's some All Dogs Go To Heaven cosplay!

They may be down a few members, but the Sinister Six are ready for some MCU power casting! 

Gotta admit, these Candyland cosplayers were my favorites of the con!  Everybody older than 32 went nuts over these guys! 

Recess is out and for good reason: It was largely Spring Break for many schools.  There was no reason for recess! 

Pam stopped by to finally fulfill my wish to see some Archer cosplay in person.  Seriously, CollegeHumor and Dorkly are always putting together Top 30 lists for Archer cosplays and almost all of them are from East Coast cons.  The West loves the show too!

When they aren't busy carrying the banner, the Newsies can be found cosplaying at comic cons! 

Don't get too close, Gadget.  Monterey Jack is on another cheese bender! 

These guys weren't waiting for the Fox/Disney merger to finalize.  The X-Men and Guardians were ready to throw down right there on the spot!

The Mystery Men crashed the party opening night!  From left to right: Invisible Boy (Not pictured), Blue Raja, The Bowler, The Shoveler and Mr. Furious! 

Had never seen Selena cosplay before, but WonderCon's always setting the bar for new cosplay!

Come to think of it, I'd never seen A Goofy Movie cosplay before until this year either!  I saw a LOT of it actually, including a guy dressed as Max running around to different booths and attendees getting people to sing After Today with him.  And yes, I was one of the ones that joined along! 

We close things out with the greatest finale ever: An impromptu cosplay dance party!  For roughly two hours after WonderCon ended, nobody wanted to leave!  Everyone just gathered on the patio out in front of the convention center and just started dancing!  I don't know who was playing Ed from Good Burger, but the dude was amazing!  It certainly softened the blow of the show ending and I look forward to next year's dance parties!

And that was WonderCon 2019!  Bit of a down year for me.  The troubles of home kinda followed me there, so I had a hard time enjoying myself.  But in the end, I still got out, caught up with friends, scored some good finds and saw some amazing cosplay!  I'll call that a win!  Until next time Anaheim, thanks for the wonderful WonderCon memories!

And that's all she wrote for WonderCon but hopefully not all she wrote for May already.  With any luck, I'll be back next week with some New (to the blog) art and hopefully some nice updates on other projects coming up!  I do appreciate the patience and understanding and apologize for dropping the ball.  And for any that are sad that the WonderCon posts are now over, fear not.  The SDCC countdown begins in June!  Never a dull moment here when I can post!  So until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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