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Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Welcome to May CRAZIES!!!  And welcome back Blog Toons!  I know it's been a while since I posted original art here, but what can I say?  WonderCon's that big and I have some really amazing friends out there who decided to cheer me up one day.  I had to spotlight them all!  But hey!  It's art time!  So lets jump back in with some delicious (Depending on how you look at fast food) subjects!  Enjoy...

Aw, Mayor McCheese.  The colorful,  Ed Wynn-voiced, cheeseburger-headed Mayor of McDonaldland!  Many kids today likely aren't aware of the fact that McDonald's, along with many other fast food joints, had mascots once upon a time.  They laughed, played and enticed us to come eat at their establishments and apparently helped contribute to the obesity epidemic.  Apparently a clown and a man born with a burger for a head are responsible for our own bad dining choices we willingly make, but that's neither here nor there!  McDonaldland was a fun, vibrant world where hamburgers grew in patches, apple pies grew on trees and freakishly large talking birds delivered breakfast right to your bed!  And it was all ruled over by the man above, the honorable Mayor McCheese!  No one knows exactly how he came to power or why he continually runs unopposed every election, but his track record speaks for itself.  During his terms, Captain Crook and Grimace both renounced their evil ways while Hamburglar attacks have decreased significantly!   Yup, this guy's a rarity amongst politicians: Honest and fair!  Mayor McCheese was actually a little before my time, but I always remember seeing him and other characters at the playgrounds at most McDonald's I went to.  This month's theme came about after the Daily_Doodle overheard a few of us reminiscing about old McDonald's commercials one day and they decided to make a whole week of it!  So this month is McDonald's May!  All the fast food fun minus the fast food guilt!  Sweet deal, eh?

And thus concludes today's post!  We'll back next week with a cop who dishes out BIG justice to the scum of McDonaldland!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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