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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


We've reached the end again.  The end of May!  Summer is just about here and a LOT of awesome stuff is on the horizon!  But more on that later.  Right now, it's time to finish off McDonald's May with the Killer Clown himself, Ronald McDonald!  Enough of the jibber jabber, it's art time!  Enjoy...

Ronald McDonald has humble beginnings.  What started as a last ditch creation at a Washington, DC McDonald's after a local TV station cancelled their version of the Bozo the Clown Show, thus cutting their ability to use Bozo, has since become one of the most iconic characters ever.  Ronald didn't seem to have any real power in McDonaldland, and yet it always fell on his shoulders to protect the land and its citizens from the dark forces that constantly crept in.  And originally, there was nothing darker than the Grimace!  In later years, he and Ronald became dear friends, but originally, he was a four-armed terror who constantly stole milkshakes.  Never mind the fact that they flowed from milkshake volcanoes and thus could've been obtained for free, but hey, Ronald and pals were also always in a rush to go buy McDonald's food despite it growing all around them!  I'm beginning to think there weren't too many college graduates living in McDonaldland!  Anywho, Grimace clearly pushed his luck too many times and Ronald finally had enough.  Clearly this tough punishment taught Grimace a valuable lesson as he lost two of his arms and his urge to steal!  Wow.  This post took a pretty dark turn.  This is almost like slasher fan fiction here!  This seems like a good stopping point.

And so ends the Merry Month of McDonald's May.  Thank you all for putting up with these wild McDonaldland theories with me.  It's a silly theme, I know, but these old mascots were always a lot of fun as a kid and the fact is, McDonald's had some insanely detailed commercials way back when!  McDonaldland almost looked real even!  But in this age of it being bad to market fast food to kids, they all had to fade away.  At least there's always YouTube to keep the memories alive.  
And now because this post isn't already long enough, I got some huge news : The CRAZY Comic Con Countdown is back and it begins next week!  Nine weeks straight of past Comic Con fun to get us ready for that big day in July!  So be sure to come back next week and count it all down with me!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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