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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


And we're back!  Only one week to go until WonderCon!  Excitement is running at an all-time high here at the CRAZYVERSE, and I intend to keep momentum going!  So enough stalling!  Let's dive right into WonderCon 2013!  Enjoy...

Not only are Storm Troopers notoriously bad shots, they are also notoriously bad at remembering their badges!

Loki, Thor and Rainbow Dash... Perfectly normal trio at WonderCon!

Bison wants you!

Night Crawler taking a break from the Munich Circus!

Fry and Amy!  They were a fun pair but were ultimately disappointed that no one was selling any Slurm at the booths.

Bulma stopped by my table to see if I had any Dragonballs stored away.  Sorry dear, but no one gets my four star!

Nice to see these kids finally getting along!

Marty meets Awesom-O!  His fart sequence wasn't initiated!


Megara and Pegasus!  Another con first!

Why is it that the fans can get Ghostrider right, but no movie studio can?

Careful Luigi!  Her apples have been known to cause dire consequences!

After really examining this pic, I'm almost certain that it's nerd extraordinaire Chris Hardwick!

Always gotta give props for a fellow Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan!  Deep 13 runs deep!

Best Patrick cosplay I've ever seen!

And there you have it!  WonderCon 2013!  A great show that was an absolute blast for me!  Did fairly well with sales and saw a lot of awesome cosplay!  If only I'd known how rough 2014 would be!

And that's all for this week folks!  We'll be back at it next time to close out March with a look at WonderCon 2015.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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