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Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Happy Halloween you CRAZY faithful!  I hope you remembered your pumpkin buckets and pillow cases, because I got two, yes, TWO pieces of art today!  The Pumpkin Bubble sketch just above is merely the appetizer!  Right below is the main course AND the dessert all rolled into one giant ghastly meal! Enjoy…

 This was actually the combination of five days of Daily Doodle themes into one piece.  I'd been quite busy at work that week and only had time for one doodle.  So, I did them all!  In order no less!  A Pumpkin is being carved by a Zombie Mouse whose blood is being drunk by a Vampire Cat that's being accosted by a Werepig while a Slime Monster begs them to stop!  The slime monster was actually an artist's choice theme by Daily Doodle.  I felt a Slime Monster just needed to be in here!  They are the life force of Halloween after all!

And so we end our CRAZY dealings for the month of October!  I hope y'all enjoyed the art and will come back next month for some Turkey-Themed fun and chaos!  Until then, take care, have a fun and safe Halloween and I'll catch y'all later!

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