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Thursday, April 4, 2013


And we're back!  Wondercon 2013 was an amazing experience folks!  Made many new friends and saw some awesome costumes, but more on that later!  It's the first Thursday of the month, and that can mean only one thing... Mike and Mindy are back!

Yep!  Mike and Mindy have returned for some more hijinx as they continue their quest to get to school on time!  Will attempt number four finally bring about success?  Based on their track record thus far, I wouldn't count on it!  But there's always hope, so strap in and hang on as Mike and Mindy once again try to go to school...

Talk about a "Shocking" conclusion!  These two are putting Sega and the Chicago Cubs to shame in terms of blowing it!  They are now 0-4, but these two are still determined to get it right!  Only one more chance left!  Will Mike and Mindy ever make it to school on time?  "Toon" in next month and find out as the Go To School saga finally comes to an end!

And now, we come to my long weekend up North!  Yep, I made another trek to Anaheim for Wondercon and I must say, it was incredible!  My mini books and postcards were a huge hit with the crowd and I sold HALF my inventory, nearly doubling my sales from last year!  I still didn't break even, but I was ever so close to doing it and am now more determined than ever to break on through!  All in all, a very productive trip!  But that's enough talk.  Enjoy the pics!

The humble abode.  Not much of a change from last year, but it was considerably less cluttered.  It had nothing to do with a "less is more" theory.  I just didn't want a ton of crap to carry.

My table "Guards," Hawk and Animal!  Who better to keep watch over things than the Road Warriors?  Actually, I consider them my good luck charm.  MANY folks stopped by merely to look at them!  It in turn got people looking at my books and talking to me.  They even helped nab me an interview with a wrestling podcast!  Yep, Having the LOD at my table was the smartest choice I made for Wondercon!  Next time around, I'll add Big Van Vader and "Ravishing" Rick Rude to the mix!

Lord Helmet and Barf!  The dude playing Helmet is awesome!  I've seen him at several cons now and he just keeps getting better!  He looks so much like Rick Morranis, it's scary!  We need more Spaceballs Cosplay!  It'd make Cons so much more fun!  Oh, and may the Schwartz be with you!

A couple of pony gals made their way towards my table, just a few of many over the weekend.  Not surprisingly, my postcards featuring a rainbow-farting Unicorn raised quite a few eyebrows.  Surprisingly, they were quite the hit with the My Little Pony crowd!  I half expected them to hang me for it, but instead they became fans!  I never realized how popular this show has become.  Without question, MLP was the third most popular Cosplay at the con, with Dr. Who and Adventure Time being first and second respectively.  Can't help but be happy that animated shows are getting such recognition with fans.

Now that she's found one Dragonball, Bulma searches for a few more in a stack of comics!  She should checked the Bandai booth!  Plenty of them over there!

Speaking of Bandai, the Power Rangers hit the floor (Sans the Green, Black and Yellow Rangers)!  Apparently Zordon and Alpha needed the good Rangers to hold down the fort.

Lily, where's Herman, Grandpa and Eddie?  Gotta say, I LOVED this costume!  Wondercon 2013 was a haven for the "Out Of Left Field" Cosplayers!  There were quite a few random costumes you never would've expected to see.  Oddities like....

BROTHER LOVE!!!  And yes, he did the trademark "IIIIIIIIII LOOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU!!!!" wail!  I'm always stoked to see wrestling Cosplay at a Con, although I have to admit I was a bit surprised there wasn't any Paul Bearer Cosplay, given his recent passing.  Perhaps that was for the best.

Ursula the Sea Witch dropped by for an appearance, and I must say her costume was very accurate!  She was actually one of several Ursula's seen over the course of the weekend.  With Disneyland being next door, I guess it was a given there'd be SOME Disney Cosplay.

"Cricket?! Nobody understands cricket!  You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!"  He's always so pushy after watching Critters 2!  Still, loved the detail on the mask!  Ninja Turtle Cosplay always scores points in my book!

It really was a fun show and everyone in my isle was having a great time.  But then Cookie Monster had to show up trippin'!  Sadly, he had to learn the hard way WHY you don't screw with me while wearing one of my prized masks!

Some pals from the Long Beach Comic Con came by to say hello over the weekend and keep the Con colorful!  These kids were so darn adorable!  They were really into it too, and everybody made a big fuss over them.  "Rainbow Brite" was even kind enough to buy a copy of my new book and told me the first one was still a popular read at her house.  It's kind words like that that make us all strive to keep drawing!

Talk about randomness?  It seriously doesn't get any more random than The Green Mile Cosplay!  I really don't think this can ever be topped!

They just finished the Physical Challenge!  Their prize?  Tickets to Wondercon!  It sure as Hell beats those crappy Yamaha Keyboards they used to give away as prizes!

Uh oh!  It's the Ice Queen!  And she's out "predatoring" dudes!  Luckily, there were a plethora of Fionas and Cakes there to keep her at bay!

And so ends the trek to Anaheim.  I want to thank all those who came by my table to come say hi and buy books or sketches.  I was particularly honored to have met a few of my twitter followers like Austin Verburg and Matt Eargle.  It was also a thrill to have my good pal Riki Medina come up and chill on Saturday!  It was just like old times at the San Diego Con again, only this time we weren't being run over by snotty Twilight fans!  Y'all really are great and I look forward to next year, provided Wondercon's in Anaheim again of course.

Well folks, that's all for this week.  I'll be back next time with a New Mushrooms that's very, well... Let's just say this one's for all the Dads and Uncles out there.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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