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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


HUGE news this week! And it all starts with the images below!  You see, it began with my desire to see 8-Bit versions of Mike and Mindy.  After being disappointed with the lack of decent tutorials on Google, I decided to hit up the wonder that is Youtube and found several good videos on how to do it in Photoshop.  After several hours of toying around, I finally whipped up these beauties...

Check him out! Mike looks like he's ready to hit the Mushroom Kingdom!  

And Mindy here looks like she just finished the Duck Hunt!

All this fooling around got me thinking about merchandising possibilities and how sometimes even the simplest graphics can make the coolest shirts.  Which now leads us to the HUGE news I teased earlier: THE CRAZYVERSE IS NOW AVAILABLE TO WEAR!!!  That's right folks! I've signed up with RedBubble and am now making shirts featuring everybody's favorite destructive kids, Mike and Mindy!!!  So far, I have seven designs up that are available as shirts, hoodies, and stickers with more on the way! To checkout my new shop, simply click here or the tab on the side of the page!  I do hope y'all get a kick out of these.  I'm very excited to be offering them!

Now that that' been said, onto the new Mushrooms!  Any of you Dads, Uncles, older Brothers or Cousins can probably appreciate this one!

I would definitely call this a failure of epic proportions!  Hard not to think of the bit in Kingpin while I was drawing this.  I remember every so often in elementary school walking into the bathroom and seeing a surprise left in the urinal, but more times than not, it was because some kid did it as a prank!  The things some people will do!

And that's all for this week folks! Sorry for stooping to such a lowbrow gag today. You gotta admit though, it was pretty funny!  I'll be back next time with some more inspired CRAZINESS!  In the meantime, take care and I'll catch y'all later! 

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