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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Well folks, I'm back!  Sorry about missing last week.  I'm afraid some sad times fell upon me recently, and I needed some time to recover and reflect.  But, life must continue and I must move forward.  So now, I present a belated report on my trip to the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con!  Enjoy the pics!

My humble abode for the weekend!  I even got a new Booth Sign made up for the occasion!  All in all, not bad for a second try.  I sold nine copies, up from my Wondercon totals, and got to walk around a little more, thanks to a more relaxed atmosphere.  Unfortunately, I was next to the guy who did Superman: Doomsday, and the line for his booth blocked me out most of the weekend.  He wasn't a very neighborly chap either I'm sorry to say.

 A rare look at Artist Alley as it's being put together!

 Doctor Who, A wildly popular show that I've never even seen!  Seriously, is it about time travel or something?

 Casey Jones, the Boba Fett of the Ninja Turtles Universe!

Nintendo Man!  It's like my early childhood glued to a bulletproof vest!  This dude is an Awesome Cosplayer!  I've seen him at a few SoCal Cons in recent years, and he's always got something new and totally random!  And yes!  That IS the infamous POWER GLOVE on his right hand!

 Peter Solo and Giant Chicken Fett!  It was bound to happen sooner or later at a Con!

 I don't think I need to tell y'all just how popular she was during the weekend!

These folks really "Brightened" my weekend!  Not only did they buy a book from me, they came back the next day to tell me how much they enjoyed it and how they couldn't wait for book two to come out!  I tell y'all, it really made me feel good to hear that.  As an indy cartoonist, this really is a labor of love, so to get a compliment like that, it really warms the heart!   The WHOLE family dressed as Rainbow Brite characters, and the little girl was absolutely adorable.  She kept thumbing threw all my books and got a big kick out of them!

 If this guy offers you gum, DON'T take it!

Never underestimate da power of da SCHWARTZ!!!  Lord Helmet is back!  And no, I didn't catch him playing with his dolls again!  Photos don't do this costume justice, because his helmet had a built-in megaphone so his voice could project!  Somewhere, Rick Moranis is smiling!

"Hello my baby!  Hello my darlin'!  Hello my ragtime gal..."  Oh God I was laughing so hard when I saw this!  Without question, the most creative cosplay of the Con!  Cosplayers of America, here my plea: WE NEED MORE SPACEBALLS COSPLAY!!!

 I'll tell y'all, it was refreshing to see a Wolverine MINUS the moobs for a change!  It gets kinda gross after a while!

 Just in time for Atari's 40th Anniversary, Lego Batman, meet Lego Pacman!  This booth was pretty cool.  They had a BUNCH of Lego models set up, include a replica of Magic Mountain's "Superman The Escape" ride!

 No, that's NOT Gangrel!  It's one of the Ghost Twins from the Matrix Reloaded, a perfect example of how NOT to continue a franchise!  Such a pity.  These guys could have been great villains too.

Rocksteady tries to get some last minute shopping done before the Con ended.  Would it've KILLED him to stop by MY booth?!

All in all, it was good weekend.  I finally got to meet Joshua Hauke, creator of Tales of the Brothers Three.  At San Diego Comic Con this year, we just kept missing each other, but luckily, his booth was near mine, so we finally met up!  Also got to catch up with other friends like Sheika Lugtu, Mike Collins, Batton Lash and my Wondercon neighbors, Dawn and Clint Wolf!  I'm heading back to Wondercon in the Spring, so maybe we can all hang out again! 

And that does it for this one folks!  I'll be back next time with a special post featuring some of the Commissions I did up at Long Beach, including two that have become personal favorites of mine!  And I'll try and get it up a bit earlier this time since Thanksgiving is next week.  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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  1. Cool pictures you got there. Hope you had success in finding more followers and fans for your works. Wish I could have been there, looks like a big batch of fun!