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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving CRAZYVERSE!  Normally, I post on Thursdays, but given that Thursday's the big day, AND I got a bunch of work to do in between now and then, I decided to post a little early this week so I can focus on the tasks at hand!  With that being said, here's a VERY special post featuring some of the commissions I did at the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con a couple of weeks ago!  It's not many, but I still had a lot of fun doing them, so enjoy!

First up is a Jubilee sketch I did for a fan who's Sketchbook Theme was "Women of Marvel!"  I gotta admit, I was bit stunned to be asked to do this, given my cartoony style, but the guy said he wanted me to do it for THAT very reason!  I had a lot fun with this one and it was cool to do an action pose for a change.  In hindsight though, I probably shouldn't have given her such huge knockers.  They're a bit distracting!

Next we have "Schizo" Fran of Garbage Pail Kids fame!  Once again, this came about from a fan who made up custom sketch cards in the hopes of getting different artists to do their take on the only kids CRAZIER than Mike and Mindy!  A two-headed character was an interesting challenge, but I think I handled it pretty well.  I wish I'd gotten his e-mail.  I would've liked to have seen some of the other GPK interpretations.

Up next, Gir form Invader Zim!  I always do free sketches for kids at Cons.  No child should ever have to pay for a sketch, and I'm happy to do it!  This was done for a little girl who loved the show and specifically wanted a sketch of Zim's clinically retarded robot dog!  Glad I could make it happen!

This was a dream sketch for me!  Aside from being a HUGE Earthworm Jim fan, his creator, Doug TenNapel, is one of my Twitter followers!  So imagine my joy when someone asked my to sketch the Grooviest Worm in Gaming!  What made this even cooler was that as I sketched this piece, people took notice and started stopping by my booth and checking out my book, which led to more sales!  To quote Jim himself: GROOOOOOOVY!!!

This last sketch was done for a little girl that specifically wanted to see something funny happen to Mindy!  Needless to say, I was more than happy to send her "Flying!"  It's funny, but this is only the second time anybody's asked me to draw my own characters.  For some reason, that was an even bigger thrill than the other requests!  Perhaps it's a sign that Mike and Mindy are starting to get an audience!

And now, a very special Thanksgiving treat to the faithful fans of the CRAZYVERSE! (And any new visitors to these CRAZY reaches!)  Enjoy!

Anybody who knows me knows that I was a HUGE fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 when I was a kid!  I watched it every Saturday night from the time I was six, when my Aunt Marisa introduced me to this brilliant show, 'til around 1993, when original host Joel Hodgson left the program (It was such a thrill to meet Joel at Comic Con a few years back!).  Anyway, between 1990 and 1996, Comedy Central used to run a Marathon of MST3K during Thanksgiving weekend called the "Turkey Day Marathon."  It varied over the years, with 1993 being 34-hours straight! (This was back when Comedy Central was still cool) I remember being so angry at my Mom for making me miss the last one because she wanted to see the Macy's Parade!  Alas, it's just a memory now, with youtube being all that keeps these old promos alive.  Luckily, quite a few episodes are available on DVD as well as streaming sites!  I hope some of my younger readers will be inspired to seek out this show and discover it's awesomeness!

Well folks, that's all for now!  I'll be back next time with the start of the annual HOLIDAY OVERKILL!!!  Until then, take care, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and PLEASE don't go too CRAZY on Black Friday!  No present is worth fighting over!  Anyway, catch y'all next time!


  1. It's fun to see what fans do request. I'm always a bit unsure what to ask of, but usually go with a cat theme due my nick (neko is japanese for cat). Seeing all this really make me look forward to join Comic Con again and this time see you! Love you "Schizo" interpretation, your art certianly add to it compared to the original. Yes, Earth Worm Jim was certainly also one of my heros. But to be honest I suck at those games, but its impressive you have his creator follow you, respect! The "Mindy gets the boot!" picture is also great, through when I first read "Boot" I rather thought of my computer. Kinda funny, isn't it ? One is so used to use the word for a process on a computer nowadays. Like that, catched me!


  2. I was a big fan as well. Even dated a girl who interned on the show for a year. There are a lot of us old MSTies around.