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Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Welcome back CRAZIES!!!  We are now one month into our two-month CRAZY COMIC CON COUNTDOWN!!!  We've seen some pretty cool pics so far, but now it's time dive into what may well be my all-time favorite Comic Con, back in 2012!  As Mr. T would say, it's time to "cut the jibber jabber" and jump right in!  Enjoy...

Fiona and Finn!  Between 2011 and 2013, every con I went to was filled with Finn cosplay!  As the show's popularity has waned, so too has its cosplay.  Last week I talked about how Regular Show made the all too rare but wise call to end the series while still on top.  Well, Adventure Time, sadly, really should've taken a page out of RS' book.  That or quit trying to make a stories out of fever dreams!

Tin Fish Square at the Gaslamp Quarter has regularly been taken over by NBC every year since 2012.  It's a free event with some pretty cool swag, so as you might imagine, the crowds line up quick!  It's a great place to get memorabilia from shows that are usually cancelled by the spring.

The WB booth!  The one year I got to set it up also happened to be the year the first Hobbit movie came out!  Being a big fan of all things Middle Earth, I was thrilled to work on this booth!

Kato!  He beat up several people who mentioned The Green Hornet movie to him!

This might take some explaining here.  Basically, Michael Jackson made a movie called Moonwalker that was, well, something to behold.  It was really nothing more than an anthology film that attempted to string together several Jackson music videos from his Bad album.  The videos were actually quite good; this is Michael Jackson after all.  The linking scenes, however, had little to no narrative to them, with anything even close to a plot not surfacing until midway through the movie!  At the end, he's revealed to be a Transformer and morphs into a spaceship and blasts off!  If you need to reread that last sentence a few times, it's all good.  I did too and I'm the one who typed it!  Anyway, this was the mask he wore at the start of the transforming sequence before it switched to stop motion.  A booth had this and many other props up for sale at highly inflated prices.

The Rogues Gallery.  You'd think with all the Batmen running around at this place, these guys wouldn't be so active!

A Comic Con rarity: Safe For Work Disney Princesses!

A Spartan with the Keyblade...  I think a Halo/Kingdom Hearts crossover game would be pretty badass!

These guys caused quite a ruckus in the Gaslamp Quarter!  Where's a hero when ya need one?!?

The always popular Nintendo Lounge at the Marriott!  That's the video game voice of Mario posing for pics!  And I still have my Golden Mario Shirt!  Nintendo's one of the few companies that seems to understand that some people where XXL sizes!

Rosie the Robot!  This is the only know occurrence of Jetsons cosplay at a comic con.  And yet I've seen dozens of Fred Flintstones!  And yes, you can totally see the face through Rosie's mouth!

I don't recall what this was promoting, but it had a ton of stunts happening throughout the weekend and I think a concert or two as well!

The debut year of the Xbox Lounge!  Last year, they switched gears and instead of setting up a lounge, they co-sponsored the free Nerd HQ mini con.  It was a pretty good deal, but I missed the Xbox Lounge.  They gave out some really cool swag and had awesome displays!

With Spider-man Homecoming a mere weeks away, I figured this would be a good pic to end today's post on.  If there's one hero there's never a shortage of at SDCC, it's Spider-man!

And so ends our look back Comic Con 2012, a show that will always be my favorite!  I had so much fun walking around with my nephew and niece and doing all the off site stuff.  The only downer really was the Dawn of the Con party, but even that had a few cool things at it.  It was also the year of my ultimate nerd purchase: The Star Wars Carbon Chamber Set that included a hidden figure of Jar Jar Binks frozen in carbonite!  It wasn't cheap, and I had to endure walking around with a pony bag for several hours, but it was worth it to get that figure!

And so ends the month of June here at the CRAZYVERSE!  But fear not!  We got five more weeks Comic Con Mayhem to keep us going well into the show and beyond!  And next week, we'll be kicking July off right with another look back at SDCC 2013, so be sure to come on back and share a laugh!  Until then, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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