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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


We are back!  And already halfway past January!  Said it many times since this blog started, but time flies, and very fast at that.  Hopefully you are all in good spirits today, but if not, I got some well-rounded laughs in store that should get a rise out of you as some friends have floated in from the great white north! They're just bursting with excitement, and a little bit of helium, to meet you all!  Who are these rotund guests?  Scroll down and enjoy...

What happens when a dear pal's birthday is coming up and you need a gift fast?  You call in some favors of course!  Bubble Fox has pals all over the world, and a good many of them live in Canada!  Pals like Lollipop, Donna, Gully, Max and Foster!  You see, it was Kim Belding's birthday and to celebrate, his beloved creation, Picpak Dog, wanted some balloons.  But why give the Pink Pooch just any old dumb balloons when he could have some balloons with a Canadian flair!  That's when Bubble Fox came in and called up some pals from north of the border, who all agreed to lend their services for such a noble cause, as Kim and Picpak have made us all smile a lot over the years!  Up front is Lollipop from Jennifer Cuthbert's wonderful educational comic series The Adventures of Lollipop and Max Fogherty from Caanan Grall's masterpiece of comedy, Max Overacts!  Meanwhile in the back, Donna from Donna McKay's semi-autobiographical comic series Once Upon A Donna and the always familiar Gully Golz from Warren Frantz's hilarious hockey romp Off Season, seem to have inhaled a gut-busting amount of helium to round out THAT much!  Due to a helium shortage, Foster the Beaver of Ryan Klassen's City Folk had to settle for regular air!  Kim loved this piece as did my fellow Canadian pals, though Caanan's actually from Australia originally, but art and comedy have no borders!  Of course, the hard part now is...  How do I top Kim's birthday art this year?!?

Another week down in our lighthearted look at Inflation!  Come back next week as we end the first month of 2022 with a total blowout!  We are inflating our grosses in the next post, so be sure to float in and give it a look!  Until then, take care, stay safe and I'll catch y'all later!

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