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Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Welcome back y'all!  February is just about done!  Hopefully things are looking brighter all around.  You know what brightens up one's day?  Laughter!  You know what makes people laugh?  Fart jokes!  You know what's a REALLY good fart joke?  A little girl holding in a sneeze that shoots out her butt and causes her bloomers to explode!  And hey, wouldn't you know it?  I just happen to have that for you today!  We're continuing on from last week's wackiness, so strap in and hold on to your butts, but NOT your sneezes, because all systems are go!  Enjoy...

One Bean

Marlene Jorgens

Bill Greenhead

Will Flitcroft

Kim Belding

Nora Racz
Monica Rondino

And that was second part of the Boomin' Bloomers Saga!  More great artists came in again, including yet another fan piece by Kim Belding (That guy is everywhere)!  I'm particularly happy at how many illustrators got in on this.  You see, as cartoonists, scenarios like these aren't really all that strange.  We live for wild, surreal, cartoony gags and are constantly pushing the limits.  Illustrators are often creating wonderful scenes of depth and emotion and vast environments.  To see a few take part in something so inherently zany was just a pure joy!  Thanks again to my awesome pals for taking part!  Hope y'all had a blast working on it!

And that's a wrap on February 2021!  Hope y'all enjoyed hanging with Mike and Mindy again for a bit.  I'd like to say that next week would kick off our WonderCon coverage, but I sadly doubt it's going to happen this year.  Its postponement hasn't been formally announced yet as of this writing, but barring some kind of miraculous turnaround, I just can't see it happening.  Stranger things have happened though, so fingers crossed!  Come what may, stay safe, take care and I'll catch y'all later!

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